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Glow-in-the-dark paint for safer bike paths at night

08 January 2024

Bicycle lanes have become a central feature of travel in our cities, promoting soft and sustainable mobility in France. However, one of the major problems cyclists face at night is lack of visibility. That’s where our phosphorescent marking comes in.

Find out how our company’s OliKrom technological innovation, which works on the principle of photoluminescence, is crucial to improving the comfort of dedicated bike lanes in France at night.


Piste cyclable phosphorescente de nuit

Phosphorescent lines on the Pléneuf Val André greenway

The crucial need for a luminous guide on dark bike paths


A safety problem due to lack of night-time visibility

The lack of lighting on a cycle path makes it a potentially dangerous area, due to the lack of visibility. Cyclists and other users of soft mobility often rely on the lights on their bikes or their reflective clothing to be spotted by motorists and other road users. However, these measures are not always sufficient, as they depend on the vigilance of other road users.

In the dark, the lack of visibility of road signs at night adds another level of complexity to the tranquillity of bicycles. Although essential for guiding road users, road signs and routes are often less visible in the dark. Various obstacles (stones on the ground, directional bollards, etc.) can also be difficult for cyclists to spot, and can be the cause of accidents.


The solution: phosphorescent paint to assist cyclists

Our range of phosphorescent paints offers an innovative solution to this problem. By creating luminous markings on cycle and pedestrian paths, it provides two-wheelers and pedestrians with a luminous guide to find their way in the dark. The presence of luminescence helps anticipate obstacles and increases user comfort. It’s an orientation aid, as they can follow the path traced by the phosphorescent marking, minimizing the risk of deviation or collision.


Jour et nuit de la piste de Pleneuf Val André

Day and night photoluminescent coatings on the Pleneuf Val André greenway


Phosphorescent paint can also be used to enhance the visibility of this signage. By applying this technology to horizontal signs and markings, users can benefit from clearer, brighter instructions, enhancing safety on France’s night-time roads. With LuminoKrom®, horizontal signage becomes a valuable asset for all users, enhancing the whole experience of soft mobility at night.


What about pedestrians?

Our photoluminescent beaconing can also be used to mark crosswalks on greenways, sidewalks and other areas frequented by soft mobility users. This creates a luminescent safety network throughout the city, further encouraging the use of alternative transport at night.


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The principle of photoluminescence

Pot d'un de nos marquages routiers phosphorescents

Pot of one of our phosphorescent road markings

Our luminescent paint is a revolutionary product, designed by the OliKrom company, which uses the principle of photoluminescence to emit light in the dark. Unlike traditional paints, our phosphorescent coating does not require an external power source, such as lamps or other LED products, to glow in the dark.

Just as fish and algae are able to illuminate themselves in the ocean, paint stores daylight or artificial light and releases it as diffused light once the environment is plunged into darkness. In other words, a photoluminescent object has the ability to absorb visible light or another form of light energy and restore it as a visible glow after the light source has been switched off. So-called photoluminescent materials are particularly useful in situations where visibility in the dark is essential for safety reasons.

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How do our glow-in-the-dark products work on the road?

Our luminescent technology is therefore composed of photoluminescent pigments specially designed to restore the energy stored on the ground during the day. These intelligent pigments are integrated into the road paint to create a phosphorescent marking layer on the asphalt of the runway or road. During the day, under the effect of sunlight, the photoluminescent pigment present in the material can absorb the light energy reflected on the ground. At dusk, this stored energy is released as a visible glow, creating a light guide along the cycle path. Properly applied to the surface and following the correct procedure (see the technical data sheet for each material), the phosphorescent product will last for up to 10 hours.


Marquage photoluminescent sur un piste de la ville d’Annecy

Photoluminescent marking on an Annecy runway, France


There are many advantages to choosing our technology. First of all, it requires no electricity, as it uses stored solar energy, making it economical and environmentally friendly. What’s more, it’s durable and weather-resistant, guaranteeing optimum night-time visibility for many years to come.

Our photoluminescent paint represents a significant step forward in the enhancement of green lanes reserved for soft mobility at night. Thanks to its photoluminescent technology, it offers enhanced visibility without the need for an external power source. By illuminating bicycle and pedestrian routes, it reduces the risk of accidents and encourages the use of environmentally-friendly modes of transport.


In France, where soft mobility is gaining in popularity, the choice of phosphorescent paint on cycle paths and roads can help create a safer, more sustainable urban environment. It’s essential to continue supporting innovation in the field of road safety, and our product is an outstanding example of this evolution.

Ultimately, the photoluminescent paint developed by OliKrom lights the way to a future where safety and sustainability meet on the cycling lanes of our cities, even on the darkest nights.


LuminoKrom® luminescent paint, an ally for the nocturnal tranquillity of soft mobility


Our industrial site in south-west France enables us to manage our production as closely as possible, and to offer a stock of materials that is always available. Each product comes with its own applicator memo and technical data sheet.

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