LuminoKrom® and industrial staircase safety in the dark
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How to ensure staircase safety?

19 January 2024

Safe travel is a crucial issue, especially in the workplace where risks can be higher. An industrial staircase is often exposed to harsh conditions, and it’s essential to take steps to reduce potential hazards or accidents.

Indeed, there are many challenges associated with the safe movement of a professional staircase, from night-time visibility problems to power cuts.

LuminoKrom® luminescent products are used in the industrial sector to ensure safe pedestrian movement in the dark, as part of a business continuity plan.


Escalier industriel sécurisé grâce aux produits LuminoKrom®

Safe industrial staircases with LuminoKrom® products


The challenges of optimally securing industrial staircases


Installation of barriers and safety features


To further enhance the security of a staircase in a professional environment, the use of a barrier or other protective device is essential. A barrier, whether fixed or extendable, can be placed at strategic points to prevent unauthorized access or protect hazardous areas. Sturdy railings along staircases are also essential to prevent accidental falls.

In addition to a safety barrier, the installation of ergonomic handrails in wood or metal on the sides of the staircase allows users to lean and maintain their balance in complete safety.


But what happens in the event of a sudden event, such as a power cut? What solutions can be adopted to guarantee continuity of site activities?


Another security problem: lack of light


Passage avec issue de secours marqué avec notre produit LuminoKrom® blanc

Emergency exit passageway marked with our white LuminoKrom® product

When it comes to the safety of a professional staircase, one of the main challenges is the lack of visibility, especially in the dark.

Despite a suitable environment (defined traffic area, safety barrier, guardrail with rungs, wide step), an accident may be unavoidable. Industrial environments are often poorly lit, making steps difficult to use safely. In addition, workers may have to move quickly in these areas, increasing the risk of accidents if visibility is poor.

Another major risk factor is the possibility of power cuts in industrial installations. In the event of a power failure, a staircase with no barrier and no light can become a death trap. Emergency signage must take over to properly illuminate steps and railings. Failure to do so can lead to serious falls and endanger workers’ lives.


By combining our LuminoKrom® luminescent paint with barriers or other appropriate safety elements, industrial environments can offer an optimum level of safety, considerably reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to the professionals who use them.


LuminoKrom® lighting to enhance safety in the event of an outage


Avant et après l’application de notre marquage industriel phosphorescent

Before and after applying our phosphorescent industrial marking in stairs


To improve staircase safety, an innovative solution emerged a few years ago: LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint. Our technology creates a luminous guide in the dark during voluntary or involuntary power cuts. A step painted with our marking thus becomes visible even in total darkness, considerably improving the safety of users as they pass.


LuminoKrom® is a special paint that absorbs natural or artificial light energy during the day and releases it as light at night. This luminescence is long-lasting and visible in the absence of any external light source. So when the light suddenly goes out due to a power cut, the staircase steps remain illuminated for an extended period, with 10 hours of autonomy, enabling users to descend or climb in complete safety.


One of the most attractive features of LuminoKrom® is its ease of installation. Our products can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including a stair tread, a blank wall, a metal railing and the wood of a safety barrier. This versatility makes them an ideal solution for industrial environments, where staircases are often in contact with a variety of materials and subject to considerable rules. A real safe way is then marked out to enable employees to progress in complete peace of mind during a power cut.


Marquage au sol phosphorescent avec LuminoKrom

Phosphorescent floor markings with LuminoKrom®.


Our paint fits perfectly into a business continuity plan (BCP), which sets out the measures taken by a company in the event of a sudden event, with a view to organizing the resumption of activity. There are many luminescent marking solutions available in-store or online, but these are only effective for 30 minutes, or even 2 hours for the most effective. Clip-on lighting, luminous adhesive tape or fluorescent strips… The list of short-lasting light guides is long. But for luminescence that lasts for several hours, our LuminoKrom® paint is the only high-performance light guide.


LuminoKrom® benefits for industrial safety


LuminoKrom® offers numerous advantages for improving safety on industrial staircases, complementing traditional safety elements such as barriers, rungs or other fixtures… Find out more about the benefits of using photoluminescence in professional environments:


  • Improved visibility: By making certain areas or walls of the staircase luminous in the dark, LuminoKrom® makes it easier for users to locate the circulation space and walls, reducing the risk of falls and accidents.


  • Reduced stress in the event of a power cut: By creating reliable emergency lighting, LuminoKrom® helps workers stay calm and evacuate safely in the event of an unexpected power failure.


  • Low operating costs: Unlike traditional emergency lighting systems, LuminoKrom® requires no additional electricity to operate. It’s a self-contained, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution.


  • Durability: LuminoKrom® technology is designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions, ensuring long life and reliable performance.


  • Compliance with safety standards: Using LuminoKrom® in an industrial environment can help comply with safety regulations, reducing legal risks for companies.


Marches et rampes marqués avec peinture phosphorescente

Barrier-free staircase, painted with LuminoKrom® to indicate handrails and steps


In the workplace, safe movement through emergency exits is a major concern. Lack of visibility at night and power cuts are challenges faced by many industrial facilities. LuminoKrom® luminescent paint offers an innovative solution for improving the safety of industrial staircases by creating reliable, long-lasting emergency lighting.


By investing in this technology, companies can reduce the risk of accidents, protect their workers and comply with current safety standards. LuminoKrom® thus represents a significant step forward in improving staircase safety in the professional context, making every staircase a safer passage for professionals and enhancing their protection.

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