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LuminoKrom®, a worldwide patented luminescent paint

26 September 2023

Our photoluminescent paint continues to be deployed worldwide! Step by step, LuminoKrom® is being used for a wide range of projects and territorial developments around the world.


Worldwide deployment of Luminokrom painting


Today, we can be found in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and, more recently, Estonia. But our technology is also popular outside our continental borders! You can see our phosphorescent paint in the center of the Japanese suburb of Shibuya, and even in the middle of the Saudi Arabian desert.

In brief: LuminoKrom® is a universal technology, suitable for all climates and environments all around the world.

Discover in this article some of our latest international projects. You can also find all our creations shown on our photoluminescent map of achievements.


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Securing various public staircases in Luxembourg


Escalier à marches phosphorescentes la nuit

Bouneweg’s public staircase covered in LuminoKrom® phosphorescent paint


The towns of Bouneweg and Cessange in Luxembourg chose our photoluminescent marking to signalize and make safe several outdoor public staircases. Recognized as accident-prone, these stairways needed to be upgraded with a luminous marking solution to highlight the steps.

To overcome the lack of light or extinction lighting public, LuminoKrom® takes the relay to bring visibility to pedestrians and avoid any accident.


A first application to improve cycling mobility in Estonia


Piste cyclable en Estonie sécurisée avec peinture phosphorescente

The Lasnamäe cycle path in Estonia secured with LuminoKrom® – © KiirWarren.KL


This summer of 2023 sees the first use of photoluminescent markings in Estonia. The Estonian capital, Tallinn, is the site of the first bicycle path to be marked with our patented technology.

The project involved creating and securing a cycle path in the Lasnamäe district. The aim was to promote cycling and other forms of soft mobility at night. The project was carried out by our Estonian partners KiirWarren.KL.


Marking BIXI bike-sharing services in Canada


Des vélos en libre partage lumineux dans la nuit

Bike-sharing systems painted with LuminoKrom® – © BIXI Montréal


In order to make night-time travel safer for users of BIXI Montreal bikes, our phosphorescent paint has been applied to the structure of the vehicles. Thanks to photoluminescence, as soon as night falls, the bikes light up and are much easier to identify by other road users.

Find out more in our article dedicated to BIXI Montreal.


Phosphorescent signage for a parking lot in South Africa


Les marquages phosphorescents d'un parking en Afrique du Sud

Ground markings for the Capegate Shopping Centre parking lot in South Africa


In 2023, LuminoKrom® arrives in South Africa!

After an early application at the head office of our local partner, our paint was used in the underground parking lot of the Capegate Shopping Centre to make night-time travel safer for motorists.

As soon as the lighting is switched off, our paint takes over to guide road users. Various signage elements were covered with photoluminescent paint: linear markings, stop lines, pictograms and arrows on the ground.


The second bicycle path with LuminoKrom® in Belgium


Piste cyclable luminescente dans le noir en Belgique

The Beez RAVeL at night with our phosphorescent paint – © SPW MI – Antoine Poulin


The Service Public de Wallonie SPW has repeated its experience with LuminoKrom® and continues to trust us to bring visibility to the various RAVeLs in the city of Namur.

The latest project was aimed at improving the cycling experience on the RAVeL running through the village of Beez, part of the Province of Namur. LuminoKrom® continues to support the Walloon region in this progressive development of the local cycling area.


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