LuminoKrom® green innovation highlighted at Cannes
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LuminoKrom® awarded by the « Accélérateur de solutions-climat » program

21 June 2023

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As a low-carbon innovation, our LuminoKrom® paint is one of the prize-winning technologies in the “Accélérateur de solutions-climat” program launched by the Agglomération Cannes Lérins in partnership with TEDxCannes.

As part of its Energy Transition Plan, the agglomeration aims to accelerate, experiment with and promote solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Highlighting innovative technologies for greener city living

The Accélérateur de solutions-climat program aims to help cities to achieve carbon neutrality and to adapt them to climate changes. Today, French start-ups and SMEs are providing answers to these environmental challenges through innovative concepts.

After a call for entries launched on April 28, 2023, twelve companies, including OliKrom, have been selected to present their green innovations on June 21, 2023 in Cannes. The event will be dedicated to meetings between local authorities and winning company representatives, enabling them to go into greater detail about the uses and benefits of their products.

Bringing green solutions to today’s local and regional issues

For LuminoKrom®, this is an opportunity to explain in more detail to local authorities the benefits of photoluminescence for urban bicycle and pedestrian safety.


LuminoKrom® is part of a green, eco-responsible approach

LuminoKrom® is a photoluminescent road marking system, able to light up at night for 10 hours, without any electricity consumption or CO2 emissions. LuminoKrom® is the most economical and environmentally-friendly solution for illuminated road markings.

Luminescent paint offers municipal councillors an eco-sustainable solution to improve and secure the cycling experience in their city.


Piste cyclable marquée avec LuminoKrom

Greenway securised by LuminoKrom® in Annecy, France


Photoluminescence in response to a regional development need

LuminoKrom et son marquage luminescent sur la piste cyclable de Pessac

LuminoKrom®, luminescent marking on the Pessac cycle path, France

Where there is no lighting, LuminoKrom® can be used to create a luminous guide on cycle paths or greenways, and to direct pedestrians and cyclists in accident-prone areas at night.

Photoluminescent marking is a self-sufficient, low-cost solution that can help reduce energy bills for local authorities.

In this quest to constantly improve the cycling environment, photoluminescent paint is becoming an alternative to public lighting.

As soon as night falls, our LuminoKrom® markings light up and take over without any electricity consumption.


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