LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint on BIXI bikes
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LuminoKrom® improves the visibility of Montreal’s BIXI bikes

06 June 2023

After a first photoluminescent marking in Canada in 2021 for the signage on the “P’tit train du Nord” tourist site, LuminoKrom® is back in Quebec! Now, to support BIXI Montreal users on their night-time rides by making the network’s bicycles more visible to other cyclists and pedestrians.

The marking on the bikes was done by our Canadian partner T.R.A.


Les vélos Bixi Montréal photoluminescents dans l'obscurité

BIXI cycles during Le Tour de Nuit event


Photoluminescent bicycles for improved BIXI users safety


Les vélos Bixi marqués avec LuminoKrom pendant le Tour de Nuit

BIXI photoluminescent bikes at Le Tour de Nuit



The collaboration was unveiled during Le Tour la Nuit, a nocturnal event organized on June 2, 2023 in the heart of Montreal in which cyclists take over the city’s streets.

There are no cars on the road that night, and bikes are free to roam the streets of Montreal.

This photoluminescent marking project is the initiative of the BIXI organization, created directly by the City of Montreal. Its mission is to manage and develop a bike-sharing system in several Quebec cities to enhance the urban cycling experience.





A worldwide first: 60 bicycles painted with LuminoKrom®


BIXI Montréal offers two-wheeled vehicles as a means of urban public transport. The service has nearly 800 stations across the province, with no fewer than 10,000 self-service bicycles.

Some of these bikes were painted in LuminoKrom® to celebrate the organization’s 15th anniversary.

During the event, Bixi Montréal presented its bikes freshly repainted with our paint. No fewer than 60 vehicles were marked with LuminoKrom®. They will be available on the network throughout the summer season. The possibility of a long-term solution is also being considered.



Photoluminescence accompanies bike-sharing services


Les vélos Bixi marqués de notre peinture LuminoKrom

BIXI bikes marked with our LuminoKrom® paint


Completely autonomous, the bikes will store light during the day for recharging, and the markings will become phosphorescent at nightfall to guide cyclists on their night-time journeys.

In a city where bicycle mobility is at the heart of urban planning, luminescent markings were an obvious solution to ensure the safety of cyclists at night.

During the day, bicycles display a neutral color, and luminescence appears as soon as the absence of light is noticed.

Cyclists become more visible to other road users when visibility is poor. Thanks to the bike’s structure which turns photoluminescent as soon as night falls, cyclists can be seen more easily by others.

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