LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint, NF 2018 certification
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LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint – NF 2018 certification campaign

15 June 2018
LuminoKrom Luminescent Road Paint - OliKrom©

EIFFAGE INFRASTRUCTURES – AER – Application of photoluminescent paints RN2 Boissy-Fresnoy (60) – Photo: Yves Chanoit


First road application for LuminoKrom®

June 2018, the LuminoKrom® light marking is deposited on the experimental site of the RN2 located in Boissy Fresnoy in the Oise.

This is a first for the LuminoKrom® technology developed by the company OliKrom. With the technical support of the EIFFAGE Group, the LuminoKrom® marking was placed on the roadway.

LuminoKrom® is a photoluminescent road paint that harnesses renewable energy from solar radiation. It captures light during the day and lights up at night without any consumption of electricity or CO2 emissions.

LuminoKrom® is a patented innovation developed within the R&D department of OliKrom.

Four years of research were necessary to obtain a paint conforming to professional use with optimal luminous performance (in intensity and duration) to ensure visibility throughout the night (+10 hours).

This breakthrough innovation contributes to the emergence of tomorrow’s infrastructures which must be safer, more economical and more eco-responsible. LuminoKrom® has been labeled by the “Route du Futur” program of ADEME


The certification process for a road paint?

The decree of May 10, 2000 stipulates that road marking products used on roads open to road traffic must be the subject of a certificate of compliance with technical requirements for safety and suitability for use.

Each year the Cerema (Center for Studies and Expertise on Risks, the Environment, Mobility and Planning) is called upon by the Association for the Certification and Qualification of Road Equipment (ASCQUER) to drive the NF certification campaign for road marking products on the RN2 experimental site located in Boissy Fresnoy in the Oise department.

Cerema is piloting the certification campaign and carrying out checks and tests of the EN 1824 standard. For this year 2018, 215 applications of marking products were carried out by 14 French and foreign companies on the site with a view to the certification of these products. products.

At the end of the applications, all of the LuminoKrom® Vision + marking products were deemed admissible with regard to the criteria defined by the NF ASCQUER committee. Tests in new condition were carried out by Cerema from June 25 to July 12, 2018: colorimetry, daytime retroreflection, nighttime retroreflection in dry, wet and rainy weather, sizing and adhesion.

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