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LuminoKrom, markings at the heart of the challenges of the city of the future

17 April 2021

Public lighting, economic impact

In societies, nighttime travel safety relies on street lighting and the use of various passive devices (reflecting light from car headlights). In France alone, the bill amounts to nearly 2 billion euros, including 1 billion euros for maintenance, 500 million euros invested in upgrading systems and more than 450 million euros related energy consumption [Source AEF]. Despite this investment, many places still lack public lighting, especially in rural areas.

54% of motorists fear that they will not see a cyclist or a pedestrian at nightfall!


LuminoKrom innovation, photoluminescent paint

LuminoKrom® luminous paint uses solar energy, a renewable source of light. For a community, the use of light markings does not entail any expense associated with the consumption of electricity. LuminoKrom® paint is made up of minerals that have the ability to store natural sunlight or artificial lighting to emit luminescence at night for more than 10 hours.

In terms of implementation, LuminoKrom® paint is as easy as a classic marking. It makes it possible to secure cycle facilities and accident-prone areas (baffles, bends, motorway exits, etc.) without heavy civil engineering work and without investment in equipment, without significant maintenance or consumption costs.

Thus, equipping a kilometer of cycle path with LuminoKrom® luminescent paint costs around 5,000 euros, while electrification of this section would cost between 200,000 and 400,000 euros!

Ultimately, the LuminoKrom® innovation will help reduce the territorial divide by providing more security at a cost accessible to as many communities as possible. This is a simple way to quickly secure accident-prone areas (baffles, bends, motorway exits, etc.) which are not connected to electricity and would require a significant investment to benefit from it, like rural areas.

LuminoKrom® is an innovative product. 2019 CIRR laureate. Possibility of exemption from advertising and competition

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