The 711 French departemental road marked with LuminoKrom®
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LuminoKrom® on the 771 departmental road in Loire-Atlantique in France

03 May 2023

On May 2nd, a photoluminescent road marking experiment began on the departmental road 771 in Loire-Atlantique, in France.

The main objective is to improve the safety of users on this road by optimizing night-time visibility of one of the bends considered dangerous by road users.


Marquage routier photoluminescent LuminoKrom RD771

LuminoKrom® luminous paint on RD 771 © Paul Pascal / Département de Loire-Atlantique


Photoluminescent road markings to secure a dangerous stretch of road

The department of Loire-Atlantique, supported by the French Ministry of Ecology and Solidarity, has recently been testing LuminoKrom® photoluminescent road markings on the RD771.

Our LuminoKrom® paint has been applied to two sections of the departmental road between Châteaubriant and Soudan: the first at a particularly dangerous bend, and the second around La Chère.

Thanks to our photoluminescent road paint, the road markings will light up at night to guide road users.



Improving road safety by making road markings more visible at night

LuminoKrom, marquage routier photoluminescent

Section of the RD29 in the municipality of Saint-Pandelon

When the sun goes down and darkness sets in, some roads become dangerous due to lack of visibility. Thanks to our paint, road markings become phosphorescent to alert users to the various dangers and obstacles they may encounter.


The concept is simple: our product captures sunlight during the day and gives it back at night. The result is improved orientation on the road and greater visibility in dark areas where there is no lighting.




LuminoKrom® is also currently deployed on a 450-meter section of the RD29 in Saint-Pandelon, a town in the Landes region, in the south of France. The aim is to enhance road safety by improving the visibility of horizontal road markings at night, particularly in poor weather conditions.



A 3-year trial phase

For a period of 3 years, the evolution and durability of the markings will be evaluated by Cerema, a French public expert organization.

The experiment will prove the performance of our photoluminescent painting on this section of road. Several aspects will be evaluated, including the perception of the marking by users and the impact on the surrounding biodiversity.


LuminoKrom® marking already used worldwide

Our photoluminescent markings have already secured nearly 250 cycle paths and greenways around the world, and continue to support the development of cycling areas.


International map of Luminokrom achievements


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