LuminoKrom® paint used for artistic creation in a park
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LuminoKrom® paint used for an artistic creation at Terra Botanica, the first plant park in Europe

14 July 2022

Terra Nocta, spectacle nocturne avec LuminoKrom


When night falls, visitors to the Parc Terra Botanica in Angers can now extend their visit with the new Terra Nocta night-time show.

They’ll be treated to a veritable journey through light and sound, discovering a magical, sensory universe. A night-time show featuring our LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint.


Terra Botanica, the first park dedicated to the world of plants


Terra Botanica is a unique adventure park concept that invites visitors to explore the fascinating world of plants. Located in Angers, France, this entertainment space offers an immersive experience in the world of plants and trees through a series of explorations on different themes. Visitors to the various areas of the complex can immerse themselves in a plant odyssey, discovering tree and plant species from the four corners of the globe.

Terra Botanica opened its doors in 2010 and is the first entertainment space of its kind in Europe. The park covers a total area of over 11 hectares and offers a unique immersive exploration aimed at raising awareness and preserving the world’s flora.


Parc à thème Terra Botanica


The Terra Botanica concept is designed to educate and fascinate, focusing on the diversity and beauty of the plant kingdom. In each new part of the site, the entertainment complex reveals new and surprising aspects of botany, transforming a simple visit into an educational and sensory escapade.

Family visitors can feel like explorers discovering the hidden secrets of the plant world, whether they’re taking a walk in the treetops, exploring exotic greenhouses or taking part in interactive workshops. Once we’ve got our ticket in hand, we can plunge into the fascinating world of plants (trees, plants, flowers and other vegetation).

So Terra Botanica is not just a place to stroll around, but an entire sanctuary dedicated to the celebration and deep understanding of plants. It’s an invitation to experience a magical session where every detail is designed to connect people with nature in a fun and informative way.


Shows and events on the themes of the natural environment and plants


Numerous shows and experiences are on offer to visitors as they make their way through the park. Every day, there are a number of sessions at different times to enable every member of the family to enjoy all the attractions to the full:


Univers plantes désert Terra Botanica
  • The Botanical Trail: An educational walk through collections of plants from all over the world, including rare and exotic species.
  • The Green Odyssey: An elevated trail that allows the public and the whole family to walk among the treetops and observe the flora and fauna from a different angle.
  • The Greenhouses: Structures where tropical and subtropical plants are grown in the same place, offering a glimpse of environments in different regions of the globe.
  • The Aquatic World: Presentations on the life of aquatic plants and freshwater ecosystems.
  • The Theme Gardens: An innovative concept of gardens designed around specific themes such as medicinal flora, perfume plants, and more.


Terra Botanica also offers educational workshops, temporary exhibitions and special events throughout the year, making it an attractive destination for families, educators and anyone interested in nature and botany. The complex is also committed to conservation and environmental education initiatives.


Terra Nocta, the dazzling night show at the Terra Botanica park


Terra Nocta, spectacle son et lumière nuit


The Angers amusement centre is also offering a unique night-time strolling experience that will take your breath away. Adults and children are invited to buy their tickets for the Terra Nocta night-time shows.

Terra Nocta nocturnal sessions are magical adventures that unfold as night falls, transforming the park into a luminous journey full of surprises. This nocturnal stroll, between light and darkness, is conceived as an enchanted journey where the concept, lighting and animations combine to create a unique immersive experience.

L’odyssée végétale offers five immersive tableaux for young and old, adults and children; artistic creations that each offer a unique experience. Among them is an illuminated painting using LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint.



Terra Nocta, a magical journey through light and phosphorescence


During these night-time sessions, visitors are invited to follow a specially laid-out route that takes them through spectacularly illuminated areas.

We were lucky enough to be involved in this project, as our technology was selected to be an integral part of the show. The use of LuminoKrom® paint adds a captivating dimension to the discovery. Our photoluminescent paint, recharged by sunlight during the day, reveals itself in the dark, creating stunning visual effects that guide spectators along the route.

At the heart of the attraction, LuminoKrom® is at the centre of the artistic performance, part of a unique creative approach.



Created by Atelier Jean GRÉGOIRE, set designer. Photo credit ©OliKrom.


The spectacular “Terra Nocta” sessions skilfully play with the contrasts between light and darkness, incorporating tableaux where natural light and artistic lighting meet to magnify the surrounding nature. The animations and events, both subtle and dazzling, enrich each stage of the escapade, making the walk both enchanting and memorable.


Genuine artistic creations will be presented to you throughout your adventure, each time you enter a new world of the World Tree.

This nocturnal experiment at the heart of Terra Botanica is not just a show; it’s an invitation to rediscover the park from a completely different angle, where the magic of the night and the plant world intertwine to delight all the senses.

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