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LuminoKrom photoluminescent road paint, let’s make night-time mobility safer

07 February 2020

LuminoKrom®, the first photoluminescent road marking

Première piste cyclable LuminoKrom

In a context where every day we see the evolution of the climate, the scarcity of resources, the evolution of user expectations … It is time to rethink the city of tomorrow: less energy-consuming, smarter, with more room for mobility sweet. This is the mission of the LuminoKrom® Vision + marking

This road marking captures the light during the day and creates a “light guide” at night which secures the movement of pedestrians and cyclists. This luminescent road paint was designed after more than 4 years of research to provide:

+ Visibility: Visible in the dark at more than 80m, this luminous marking allows bikes, riders, and pedestrians to better orient themselves at night in unlit areas

+ Safety: At night, the marking emits a luminous guide which makes it possible to anticipate obstacles, turns, dangerous points in poorly lit areas.

+ Saving: LuminoKrom® Vision + is the cheapest active and low maintenance light solution. Luminescent marking is ideal for taking over in cities that turn off street lighting at night. The presence of a light guide improves the identification of users (pedestrian, bicycle, etc.)

      • Up to 40 times cheaper than street lighting
      • And 3.5 times less than LED solar plots

+ Eco-sustainability: the LuminoKrom® marking lights up without electricity and without emitting CO2. This innovation is designed to emit a diffuse light intensity. It is an environmentally friendly alternative and an asset to effectively fight against light pollution.



The primary objective of LuminoKrom photoluminescent road paint: to be seen, as far away as possible, to act as a light guide and as an alert in danger zones. Measurements carried out by Gustave Eiffel University have shown that LuminoKrom® paint can be seen up to 80 meters in the dark. But the advantage of a photoluminescent painting is to emit a very localized light: its halo is weak and its luminosity is diffuse. Conversely, a lamppost allows users to see the environment, so its radius is much wider, both in terms of intensity and distance. While awaiting the overall result of environmental impact studies, the use of a photoluminescent paint, like LuminoKrom®, promotes light guidance at night with a luminance 10,000 times lower than that of public lighting*.

* Technically: Calculation carried out for LuminoKrom over 100 m, with an axial band of 0.06 m wide, and a maximum average luminous intensity of 55mcd / m², the overall intensity of the emitted luminance is 300 millicandela. In comparison, a floor lamp has a luminance of around 3 candela / m² and radiates over a minimum of 200 m². Or for 100 m, with a lamppost every 20 m, street lighting emits a total of 3,000 candela.

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