LuminoKrom luminescent marking on the roads of the Landes
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LuminoKrom® luminescent marking soon on the roads of the Landes (40)

24 February 2020

A first LuminoKrom photoluminescent project on the road in Saint-Pandélon (40)


The 1st experimental site for the LuminoKrom® Vision+ marking will take place on the road in the next few months in the Landes department (40). A decree of the MINISTRY OF THE ECOLOGICAL AND SOLIDARITY TRANSITION (Decree of August 26, 2019) was published in the OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE FRENCH REPUBLIC on September 6, 2019.

The experiment concerns the photoluminescent road marking of departmental road 29 on 600m in marking of banks, on both sides of the road, in the town of Saint-Pandelon (40) to secure a particularly accident-prone area.


LuminoKrom photoluminescent marking – OliKrom©


The luminescent road paint used to mark banks, captures and stores sunlight or that of vehicle headlights and restores it at night. The paint contains innovative and long-lasting pigments, the particularity of which is to emit light without a power source.


The marking observed and monitored by CEREMA

The performance monitoring of the LuminoKrom® Vision+ marking will be carried out by CEREMA (Center for Studies and Expertise in Risks, the Environment, Mobility and Planning). The evaluation of the experimental device, includes in particular the following elements:

  • monitoring over time of the characteristics of conventional road markings:
    • adhesion (SRT);
    • color (chromaticity coordinates x, y);
    • reflection under diffuse lighting (Qd);
    • retro-reflection (RL);
    • resistance to mechanical (traffic) and climatic stresses: visual surveys (photographs);
  • suivi dans le temps des performances caractéristiques de marquages routiers conventionnels (luminance) ;
  • monitoring over time the performance characteristics of conventional road markings (luminance);
  • visibility distance of the night marking (visual / camera survey + user survey);
  • trajectory and speed analyzes;
  • qualitative evaluation with users.

Other experimental sites are being identified to secure other accident-prone areas.


LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint, winner of the 2019 Roads and Streets Innovation Committee

Innovation LuminoKrom – OliKrom©

All of these experiments are carried out within the framework of the Innovation Committee Roads and Streets, of which LuminoKrom® Vision+ was a Winner in 2019. This distinction put in place by the general direction of infrastructures, transport and sea of the Ministry of Ecological Transition allows the launch of demonstration sites to test innovations in real environmental conditions, with monitoring provided by Cerema.

On the advice of the Roads and Streets Innovation Committee, the Director of transport infrastructure, Sandrine Chinzi, thus selected eight winners for their innovative character and their potential interest, including the luminescent marking LuminoKrom® Vision+, developed by the Bordeaux company OliKrom in partnership with the Eiffage group.

CIRR 2019 results: See Cerema article

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