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LuminoKrom® welcomes its new distributor in charge of territorial development in Malaysia

10 October 2023
Visite de notre distributeur Malaisiens pour Luminokrom

Our Malaysian partners with Jean-François Létard, our founder, and Nathalie Prevot, in charge of international relations.


Early in October, we had the pleasure of welcoming our partners from AHN Vertex Sdn Bhd, in charge of distributing our LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint in Malaysia, to our premises.

This exclusive event gave us the opportunity to present our production factory, as well as our R&D and sales teams in charge of LuminoKrom® products. The aim was also to consolidate their status as authorized distributors, and to be trained in the application of our phosphorescent road paint to guarantee users the unique luminescent performance of our paint: 10 hours of lighting at night (class G certified).


LuminoKrom®: a growing international presence

This year, everything is accelerating… LuminoKrom® has continued its international expansion, providing photoluminescent marking solutions to make night-time travel safer all over the world.

Like a real luminous guide, our road marking helps users to move around in the dark. The paint can be used in a wide variety of applications to meet different needs: road markings on bicycle paths, illuminated signage in industrial environments, markings for urban development…

After installations in Saudi Arabia, Canada and South Africa, it’s now time for Malaysia to adopt our luminescent paint.


Réalisations de peinture phosphorescente dans le monde

Marking projects around the world: bike path in Belgium, bikeshare service in Canada, industrial signage in South Africa


LuminoKrom® application training tailored to your needs

OliKrom’s main objective is to support all its international partners. Thus, several members of AHN Vertex Sdn travelled from Malaysia to our headquarters in Pessac, France, to discover our company OliKrom and learn how to apply our phosphorescent paint.

Over the two-day session, the company’s staff were trained in the application of our road paint and in best practices for optimal local deployment.


Formation interne à l'application de peinture LuminoKrom


We particularly discussed the importance of mastering certain parameters, such as obtaining a specific grammage, handling and cleaning equipment. Demonstrations of airless application were given, as well as training in luminescence performance measurement. All employees have completed the training and handled all the specific equipment.

The whole team is now ready to deploy LuminoKrom® in their country!


How to become an official distributor of LuminoKrom® paint?

Thanks to this personalized training, our partner AHN Vertex Sdn has become an authorized LuminoKrom® distributor. He has our full confidence to deploy LuminoKrom® in his country and produce high-quality photoluminescent markings!

This support from our company enables us to train authorized LuminoKrom® distributors throughout the world.

All our know-how is transmitted during this training. OliKrom’s skills and expertise are then transferred to our partners to achieve incomparable, high-performance results.


Interested in becoming an authorized LuminoKrom® international distributor?

Contact our experts and share your project with us.


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