Our factory

Usine de production – OliKrom©

R&D center and production factory – OliKrom©

To satisfy all the needs of our market, OliKrom decided to move the production centre for inks, paints and master batches, into a single building with Research and Development.

OliKrom’s Research and Development team can call upon the skills of doctors, engineers and technicians, to develop in four directions:

  • Synthesis laboratory for new pigments with optimised functions
  • Formulation laboratory for inks (UV or solvent)
  • Formulation laboratory for paints
  • Formulation laboratory for master batches 

Production reactors and mixers – OliKrom©

In 2018, OliKrom set up a brand new 1,600m2 industrial production plant, and invested over 5 million Euros. We can adapt our mixer reactors from 50 to over 1,000 litres, to meet your demands.

A quality process has been set up to meet our clients’ requirements, and improve the in-house organisation of production. The performance of all LuminoKrom® products (inks, paints, master batches) is guaranteed OliKrom Inside®.

All of our products are made in our industrial works in Pessac, France, following rigorous manufacturing processes, and under the constant surveillance of our production control laboratory.

Raw materials are all inspected by our R&D laboratory before acceptance. Each production batch undergoes rigorous physical and chemical testing (for viscosity, colorimetry etc.), and the luminescent properties are also checked.