The LuminoKrom marking is deployed in Alsace

6 June 2020

The community of communes of Haguenau strengthens its environmental policy and the eco-sustainability of its cycle paths with this first LuminoKrom marking

Congratulations to the Proximark teams – Road signs for this new development in Alsace.

In this period of deconfinement, when all of the communities plan to perpetuate the temporary cycle paths, the LuminoKrom marking paint continues its deployment and is attracting more and more communities.

This project is a new illustration of the contribution of Luminokrom to secure night travel around dangerous areas. Luminescent marking has been applied in the community of Haguenau municipalities to strengthen the vigilance of cyclists on the edge of a dangerous bend devoid of any public lighting.

LuminoKrom is a “Made in France” innovation developed by the company OliKrom and supported by # ADEME as part of the I-Street “Route du Futur” program.

This new marking has the capacity to charge during the day and light up at night. The marking thus becomes visible day and night without any consumption of electricity or CO2 emissions.

LuminoKrom was nominated for the 2020 road safety innovation award.