INPI selects LuminoKrom as one of the 12 French innovations

5 June 2020

The LuminoKrom marking is one of the 12 French innovations put forward by the Chargé d’affaires of Industrial Property in the INPI France Region

It is a reward for all of the doctors, engineers and chemical technicians of OliKrom who places innovation at the center of its strategy.

With the development of the luminokrom marking, the OliKrom company is part of the national effort to favor cycling as a mode of transport.

The challenge for the coming months will be to gradually perpetuate all of the temporary cycle paths while ensuring maximum safety, especially for night trips in dark areas.

LuminoKrom paint is easy to deposit, charges with light and lights up without any consumption of electricity or CO2 emissions. Many projects are underway in many cities in France and we will be happy to share the next achievements with you!