LuminoKrom® Vision+, Securing mobility at night

7 February 2020

LuminoKrom® Vision +, Photoluminescent road marking

In a context where every day we see the evolution of the climate, the scarcity of resources, the evolution of user expectations … It is time to rethink the city of tomorrow: less energy-consuming, smarter, with more room for mobility sweet. This is the mission of the LuminoKrom® Vision + marking

This road marking captures the light during the day and creates a “light guide” at night which secures the movement of pedestrians and cyclists. This luminescent road paint was designed after more than 4 years of research to provide:

+ Visibility: Visible in the dark at more than 80m, this luminous marking allows bikes, riders, and pedestrians to better orient themselves at night in unlit areas

+ Safety: At night, the marking emits a luminous guide which makes it possible to anticipate obstacles, turns, dangerous points in poorly lit areas.

+ Saving: LuminoKrom® Vision + is the cheapest active and low maintenance light solution. Luminescent marking is ideal for taking over in cities that turn off street lighting at night. The presence of a light guide improves the identification of users (pedestrian, bicycle, etc.)

+ Eco-sustainability: the LuminoKrom® marking lights up without electricity and without emitting CO2. This innovation is designed to emit a diffuse light intensity. It is an environmentally friendly alternative and an asset to effectively fight against light pollution.