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Phosphorescence to mark ground murals in our cities

15 December 2023

More and more local authorities and cities are opting for Asphalt Art to revitalize town centers and develop pedestrian zones in their areas.

What if pedestrians could reclaim their streets with artistic signage?


Marquage d'animation au sol avec phosphorescence


Asphalt Art to energize territories


Marquage d'animation dans un parc

Animated marking is an urban design technique designed to improve pedestrian safety and comfort, while making public spaces more attractive and fun. It involves the application of specific patterns, designs or colors to the pavement or sidewalks of urban areas. This technique can be achieved using paint, special coatings or other horizontal signage methods.

In France, artistic markings officially became legal in cities in 2015. So local authorities saw an opportunity to develop their territory and promote pedestrian exchange areas. Since then, many cities have chosen to use this type of marking on certain streets and strategic spaces.

The aim is to liven up certain meeting and exchange areas, particularly in pedestrian areas or areas dedicated to soft mobility.

The development of this type of marking art contributes to the promotion of soft mobility and the creation of more peaceful spaces to facilitate and secure pedestrian travel through striking horizontal signage. In certain situations, this device adds a playful dimension to public space and encourages greater appropriation by users.


Improving safety for pedestrians


Artistic signage is often used in meeting spaces and pedestrian areas, where soft mobility takes precedence over motorized vehicles. Distinctive patterns and colors attract drivers’ attention and encourage them to slow down, thus improving user protection.

By creating more welcoming and safer pedestrian spaces, animation branding encourages the use of active modes of travel, such as walking and cycling, which can help reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

Whether it’s a real pedestrian walkway, or simply a passageway or path, ground murals can help users get around more easily, and make vulnerable individuals feel safer.


What if paint turned phosphorescent at night?


Ground mural is an innovative approach to urban design that combines aesthetics, utility and community involvement to improve the quality of life in urban areas and promote more sustainable modes of travel.


But what about these markings at nightfall?


Marquage damier au sol de nuit


Photoluminescent road markings are an indispensable option for Asphalt Art, especially at night. Unlike ordinary products, photoluminescent road paint has the particularity of absorbing natural or artificial light during the day and releasing it as a glow in the dark. This property makes it an interesting choice for improving the visibility and safety of public spaces at night, including in the context of artistic markings.


Photoluminescent material needs no additional artificial lighting to be visible at night. On the contrary, it works optimally in the dark, which can help reduce energy consumption in some municipalities. Our luminous signage takes over when street lighting is completely or partially switched off at night.

The increased visibility of our photoluminescent markings helps to make night-time travel safer for pedestrians.


LuminoKrom®, a luminous guide at the heart of the city


Our phosphorescent products have proved their worth on greenways and cycle paths. Now it’s the turn of pedestrians to adopt our technology.

Take the example of the Square du Temps des Cerises on Île-Saint-Denis, which was the subject of an artistic tableau created by Concepto, an agency specializing in urban lighting design.


Marquage d'animation de nuit dans un parc pour enfants

LuminoKrom® road lighting has been used creatively to add an artistic and aesthetic dimension to public spaces at night, contributing to the playfulness of the environment.

The project is designed without artificial lighting, to take full advantage of the principle of photoluminescence. On the floor, horizontal signage was created using geometric patterns and inscriptions.


“The project can only be seen in the total darkness of night, so it was installed in an urban location that was first turned off. It’s a fresco on the ground with photoluminescent paint, evoking in a figurative and poetic way the presence of nocturnal biodiversity, the nearby Seine and the stars at night.” – Margot Jacob, Héloïse Ruiz and Sara Castagné, Concepto company


As for the park, it remains open all night long to take full advantage of the illuminated signage.


LuminoKrom® could also be used in cities, in parks and other cultural sites, to encourage pedestrian activity on certain routes. Local authorities looking to improve their areas can choose photoluminescence to boost pedestrian traffic in the heart of urban areas.


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