LuminoKrom® Design and decoration

Peinture photoluminescente pour design intérieur

For Decoration and Design, LuminoKrom® coatings embellish all kinds of places and objects, to show off their profiles in the dark.

LuminoKrom® solutions are easy to use, they are suitable for industrial and professional use. LuminoKrom® offers a wide range of inks (ultra-violet or solvent) and paints to suit your applications.

Areas of use

  • LuminoKrom® inks have been developed for industrial use, to meet your needs for serigraphy, flexography or pad printing.
  • According to your needs, LuminoKrom® inks can use solvents or UV reticulation.
  • Luminescent inks can be used to mark out an area, decorate an object or make something safe in the dark.
  • LuminoKrom® Déco+ luminescent paints can be used to embellish urban areas or street furniture, and transform buildings by highlighting their architectural lines at night.
  • Decorative markings are recommended for playgrounds and recreation areas.
  • LuminoKrom® solutions are simple to use and suitable for industrial applications.


  • Inks: 1 kg, 2 kg and 5 kg
  • Paints: 5 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg

Sustainable and environmentally responsible:

  • Durable and light emitting, with no energy consumption


  • Luminosity that lasts (+10 hours)


  • Collects light during the day and emits it at night
  • Improves visual perception at night
  • Eco-sustainable technology with zero power consumption
  • Made in Fran

Guaranteed performance

  • Several colors available for Day or Night
  • Almond green / Green
  • White / Green
  • Yellow / Green
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