LuminoKrom® Industrial marking

In the industrial sector, LuminoKrom® can be applied to all kinds of support, to create photoluminescent safety signage.

The LuminoKrom® coating is recharged naturally from all light sources (sun or artificial), and emits light for more than 10 hours.

In a power outage, the LuminoKrom® markings on walls and on the ground, indoors and outside, guide staff and customers like Ariadne’s thread, indicating objects and improving visibility.


  • Industrial sites, factories, warehouses,
  • Corridors, basements, tunnels,
  • Medical centres, hospitals, retirement homes, schools,
  • Bollards, capstans, street furniture,
  • Anywhere that must be made safe during a power outage,
  • All unlit zones 


  • Collects light during the day and emits it at night
  • Highlights hazards at night
  • Improves safety and wayfinding
  • Eco-sustainable technology with zero power consumption
  • Made in France

> PERFORMANCE guaranteed by OliKrom Inside®

  • Luminosity that lasts (+10 hours)
  • Colors: Almond Green, White, Yellow
  • Highly skid resistant (Norme NF EN1436): Skid Resistant Test > 0.45
  • Resistant to wear
  • Resistant to freeze/thaw cycles