LuminoKrom® Vision+ Road marking

When it is raining, foggy or dark, LuminoKrom® Vision+ road markings make horizontal signage easier to see, for drivers today and the autonomous cars of the future.

Applying LuminoKrom® Vision+ paint to infrastructure is simple.

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  • Grassy tracks
  • Cycle tracks
  • Sidewalks
  • Curbs of roundabouts and chicanes
  • Concrete roadside crash barriers
  • Separators at highway exits
  • Rest areas
  • All special features that require safety marking (e.g. pier heads, traffic islands, other structures)


  • Collects light during the day and emits it at night
  • Highlights hazards at night
  • Improves safety and wayfinding
  • Eco-sustainable technology with zero power consumptions
  • Made in France

> PERFORMANCE guaranteed by OliKrom Inside®

  • Luminosity that lasts (+10 hours)
  • Colors: Almond Green, White, Yellow
  • Highly skid resistant (Norme NF EN1436): Skid Resistant Test > 0.45
  • Resistant to wear
  • Resistant to freeze/thaw cycles