Our society

The OliKrom company was founded in 2014 by Jean-François Létard, then director of research at the CNRS, and recognized expert in photochemistry.

With several dozen patents, the company OliKrom works on color intelligence, namely programming a color change according to external factors such as brightness, temperature, pressure, etc.

We develop tailor-made solutions on different types of coatings (paints, inks, masterbatches, etc.) and support our industrial partners from the idea to the production of the product in all sectors of activity, whether it concerns health, cosmetics, automobile, road marking,… It is moreover within the framework of ADEME’s “Route du Futur” program, in interaction with the Eiffage Group, that the LuminoKrom® solution was created with the aim of securing accident-prone and obscure areas in the absence of ‘public lighting. This Made in France innovation is patented.

Recognized as a world leader by the GLOBAL SMART MATERIALS INDUSTRY MARKET RESEARCH REPORT and winner of numerous innovation awards, OliKrom has its R&D and production site in France in Pessac (33).

To find out more about the company OliKrom: www.olikrom.com