Reducing installation and operating costs

LuminoKrom®, source of renewable energy


The guiding light from LuminoKrom® is a renewable energy. LuminoKrom® marking is composed of minerals that can store light that comes naturally from the sun or an artificial source, and then emit luminescence for more than 10 hours. A simple light source is enough to recharge the marking, any number of times.

The LuminoKrom® solution is easily applied. It can be used in the country or the mountains, where there is no power grid, to improve safety at accident black spots (chicanes, bends, highway exits etc.) with no expensive investment.

It is economical to install, needs no power cables, and costs nothing to run on solar energy.

LuminoKrom®, an economical energy source


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Report on the LuminoKrom® installation: the Pessac cycle track was not chosen by chance. Much of the track runs through a dense dark forest.

‘Some people had stopped using it, and residents were demanding street lights, but they would have been costly. It was an ideal place to test a cheaper solution. To install lighting along this cycle track, we would have had to dig trenches, damage the tree roots, and set up low-height lampposts,’ explained Eric Martin, deputy mayor of Pessac. ‘In France, Pessac was also the first district of more than 50,000 inhabitants to try switching off the street lights at night.’