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Bombannes Plage: LuminoKrom photoluminescent cycle path

Photoluminescent painting equips a cycle path along Bombannes beach in Carcans

LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint continues to be deployed. The municipality of Carcans has decided to apply this paint on the cycle path along the beach near the UCPA Beach Club in Bombannes. The Eiffage and Alinéa Sigalisation teams produced the luminescent marking on the continuous central band of 10cm (type T3) with bicycle logos. A photoluminescent pedestrian crossing with cold white plaster has also been created to secure the crossing of pedestrians at night.

The objective of the Municipality of Carcans and the National Forestry Office (ONF) is twofold: to secure night travel and to conserve biodiversity in a natural space devoid of public lighting. LuminoKrom® photoluminescent road paint captures light during the day and lights up at night without consuming electricity or emitting CO2.

Feedback on LuminoKrom’s contribution, user word:

“Well done, it’s a real success that allows you to reach the car in the parking lot from the beach with complete peace of mind. An ideal way to keep a natural place without public lighting. Thanks to this painting which lights up at night, we return home with the children in complete safety. This allows us to fully enjoy the beach at the end of the evening! “

Luminescent marking – Site information:

Contracting authority: ONF private domain – Municipality of Carcans

Site of the work: Carcans cycle path, near the UCPA Bombannes Beach Club (33)

Nature of the work: Securing a cycle path – Application of LuminoKrom paint on the continuous central strip of 10cm (type T3) with bicycle logos. Marking on pedestrian crossing

Applicator: Eiffage Route Sud-Ouest / Alinea Signalisation

Date of completion of the LuminoKrom marking: September 2020

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