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Toulouse (31) is developing a LuminoKrom photoluminescent cycle path

LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint selected by the metropolis of Toulouse

The city of Toulouse is equipping the Rue du Crabe cycle path with LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint to secure the mobility of cyclists and pedestrians at night. The Mozerr Signal teams deployed the luminescent marking on 500ml in a discontinuous central band completed with bicycle logos.

This luminous beacon harnesses the renewable energy of the sun. The paint captures light during the day and illuminates at night without consuming any electricity or emitting CO2. Its installation on infrastructure is quick and easy. As soon as night falls, the marking turns into a light guide to guide users.

Luminescent marking – Site information:

Contracting Authority: Toulouse Metropolis

Site of the work site: Cycle path rue du Crabe

Type of work: LuminoKrom marking on 500ml in discontinuous central band, bike logos

Applicator: Mozerr Signal

Date of completion of the LuminoKrom marking: November 2020

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