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LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint in Namur Belgium

Namur: luminescent paint markings to guide cyclists on a RAVeL

On a small portion of the RAVeL 142, which links Namur to Jodoigne, luminescent LuminoKrom paint was applied to cover the markings on the ground. “During the day, the marking is a little different from a classic white marking: it appears a little greenish, because it contains pigments which continuously re-emit the light coming from the sun’s ultraviolet rays”, explains Gauthier Michaux, expert engineer at SPW Mobility and Infrastructures, “a bit like the needles of a watch, or the stars that one places on the ceiling of a child’s room”.

But the whole point of this new branding is revealed at night. “When it starts to get dark, when the natural light has disappeared, the re-emission of light by these pigments continues, and the marking appears bright, and green,” he adds.

Secure the RAVeLs, by guiding users

The aim of the operation is to help users, and especially cyclists, to move around safely, via visual guidance. And the location chosen here, on a RAVeL going through undergrowth without public lighting, “said the expert. The process is much cheaper than installing streetlights,” It allows visual markup for cyclists.

This LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint harnesses the sun’s renewable energy. The paint captures light during the day and illuminates at night without consuming any electricity or emitting CO2. Its installation on infrastructure is quick and easy. As soon as night falls, the marking turns into a light guide to guide users through the night.

LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint – Site information:

Project management: Wallonie Mobilité Infrastuctures SPW

Work site location: SAINT-SERVAIS Pont Béguin, 5002 Namur, Belgium

Nature of the work: LuminoKrom marking on the central band in discontinuous mode to enhance the visibility of a cycle area outside public lighting with bicycle logos.

Applicator: Etablissement Lambert Marquage

Date of completion of the LuminoKrom marking: August 2020

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