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Technological Innovation

Innovation LuminoKrom – OliKrom©

LuminoKrom Innovation – OliKrom©

LuminoKrom® inks and paints have been developed for professional use in road marking (horizontal and vertical signage), industrial and public safety, decoration, and for the design and artistic sectors.

This patented technology endows our coatings with an unique ability to emit light, with no power supply. They recharge naturally from sunlight, or an artificial light source (such as indoor lighting, vehicle headlights etc.), to emit a luminescent path that shines for over 10 hours.

The technological challenge was to retain the luminescent performance of the coating (ink, paint or master batch), while combining it with the coverage, colorimetry and chemical stability required for horizontal and vertical road marking, functional and artistic finishings, in volumes varying from research and development to full scale industrial production.

From Innovation to Use, Case Study

Approval for LuminoKrom on the RN2 trunk road OliKrom/Eiffage-AER/Isosign – Crédit Y. Chanoit



Luminescence has long been used indoors (for stickers in children’s bedrooms, for instance). ‘Until now, nobody had ever managed to use it out of doors, because the luminescence could not resist the rain or ultraviolet radiation,’ said Hervé Dumont, technical director at Eiffage Route.

The benefits to road safety are huge, as the spokesman for Eiffage points out. ‘Reflective paint is visible for up to 30 or 40 meters (the range of the headlight beams it is reflecting). Luminescent signs, on the other hand, can be seen 80 or 100 meters away’.

In an ill-fated Dutch experiment several years ago, the paint applied to the road surface started to go mouldy after only a few weeks.

‘Since the summer of 2018, we have been using luminescent LuminoKrom® paint for road markings, on the blacktop of the RN2 trunk road from Paris to Soissons, near Boissy-Fresnoy. The technology is standing up perfectly to the weather and to road traffic,’ Hervé Dumont reported.