LuminoKrom honored by the Roads and Streets Innovation Committee
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LuminoKrom photoluminescent marking awarded by the 2019 Roads and Streets Innovation Committee

03 September 2019

The 2019 “Roads and Streets Innovation Committee” recognizes the LuminoKrom innovation, photoluminescent paint.

LuminoKrom luminous cycle path – OliKrom©


Set up by the Directorate General for Infrastructure, Transport and the Sea of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, this initiative allows the launch of demonstration sites to test innovations in real environmental conditions, with monitoring by the Cerema.

The call for innovation projects “Roads and Streets” selected the following four themes for 2019:

  • Construction and maintenance of heritage roads and streets
  • Preservation and modernization of existing structures
  • Optimized use and management of transport infrastructure in urban and inter-urban environments, tools and equipment for intelligent transport systems
  • Preservation of biodiversity and water quality



On the advice of the Roads and Streets Innovation Committee, the Director of transport infrastructure, Sandrine Chinzi, selected eight winners for their innovative character and their potential interest, including the luminescent marking LuminoKrom®, developed in partnership between the Bordeaux start-up OliKrom and the Eiffage group

LuminoKrom® luminescent paints are specialized for professional use of horizontal and vertical signage, in the road marking and industrial safety sectors. The challenge of creating these markings is to contribute to the emergence of tomorrow’s infrastructures which must be safer, more economical and more eco-responsible.


Photoluminescence and the road safety in the future

The LuminoKrom® coating exploits photoluminescence. This physical process allows the paint to recharge indefinitely in daylight or artificial lighting without any fatigue.

LuminoKrom® innovation lies in having developed photoluminescent markings that are very resistant outdoors and capable of storing the surrounding light to emit a diffuse luminosity at night, visible for more than 10 hours. This patented innovation was developed within the R&D department of OliKrom. Several years of research and collaboration with the Eiffage Group were necessary to obtain a paint conforming to road use, combining coverage, colorimetry and chemical stability with optimal luminous performance in terms of intensity and duration.

LUMINOKROM® in the press