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Feedback : they decided to renew their confidence in our LuminoKrom® paint

08 September 2023
Marquage luminescent Luminokrom sur la piste de Canéjan

LuminoKrom® photoluminescent markings on the Canéjan cycle path in New Aquitaine, France


Since our first historic marking in 2018, many local authorities and conurbations have placed their trust in us.

A few years ago, the choice of photoluminescence to make areas dedicated to soft mobility safer seemed like a gamble on the future… Today, this gamble is proving to be a necessary choice for making mobility safer at night in our territory.

Communities of communes, départements or local authority agglomerations: they have all put their trust in us and decided to apply our photoluminescent paint to their cycle paths. After several years’ experience and proven performance, they have decided to place their trust in LuminoKrom® once again.

Discover some of those for whom an initial “test” application has been transformed into the deployment of phosphorescent cycle paths and greenways on their territory.


Charente-Maritime encourages soft mobility at night with photoluminescence


Following applications in Châtelaillon-Plage, La Rochelle and Ars-en-Ré, it’s now the city if Lagord’s turn to make its cycle paths safer with our LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint.

In the 17 French department, several applications have been made since 2021 to encourage soft mobility and make travelling safer at night. Various greenways and cycle paths in the department have been marked with our paint in urban and suburban areas.


Réalisations de marquage phosphorescent en Charente Maritime

LuminoKrom® applications in Charente Maritime, France


Thanks to its role as a light guide in the dark and its performance of over 10 hours, LuminoKrom® has proved its worth in the area and convinced local users. Naturally, it was our luminous beaconing that was chosen to provide safety for the new cycle path on a shared road between the communes of Puilboreau and Lagord.


Discover Lagord cycle path


Belgium uses LuminoKrom® to make its roads safer


Our LuminoKrom® paint is also winning over customers outside France! As a perfect illustration of the benefits of using LuminoKrom® again and again, let’s take the example of the Service Public de Wallonie SPW.

The adventure began in 2020 with the securing of RAVeL 142 near Namur to make night-time travel on the track easier and safer for users. Since then, our Belgian partner has renewed its confidence in our marking and recently decided to make another RAVeL safe in the town of Beez.


Marquage luminescent sur les ravels en Belgique

The two Belgian RAVeLs made safe with our phosphorescent paint


See the latest Belgian development in the town of Beez.

Discover the Beez RaveL marking


Haguenau, gradual deployment of photoluminescent trails


The Communauté d’Agglomération d’Haguenau (Haguenau Urban Community) is undoubtedly the urban area that best reflects the satisfaction with our phosphorescent markings. The town of Haguenau, located in the Grand Est region of France, regularly uses our paint on its various cycle paths.

The first project dates back to 2020, when a cycle path was made safer to improve visibility in a particularly accident-prone area. Since then, a number of projects have been carried out, all with a view to supporting soft mobility in the town.


Application de peinture phosphorescente sur les pistes de la ville d'Haguenau

Haguenau’s cycle paths and greenways marked with our LuminoKrom® paint


This latest project, due to be completed in spring 2023, marks the city’s third photoluminescent project. With the aim of improving visibility for road users at night, phosphorescent paint seems to be the ideal lighting solution for cycling.


Discover the last creation in Haguenau

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