Visibility and Safety, Use Cases

LuminoKrom®, the technological benefit


LuminoKrom® coatings have been designed to meet the needs of safety and visibility.

In the daytime, sunlight allows us to see, know where we are, find our way and avoid obstacles. At night, everything is shrouded in darkness!

To find their way through the darkness, people started by using fire (flaming torches, candles, and lanterns). Then came the discovery of electricity, and the invention of the electric light bulb.

Today, with LuminoKrom® we can have luminescence at night, with no power consumption at all.

The LuminoKrom® coating can be recharged using sunlight or artificial light.

LuminoKrom®, the "guiding light" for the road sector


At night, LuminoKrom® technology creates a luminescent path, warning road users of future dangers, showing the way beyond the range of the headlights of a car or bike.

Cyclists have been won over by the LuminoKrom® marking along the Pessac cycle track (Gironde). This luminescent band makes the track safer, by giving advanced warning of bends, particularly in wet weather or during leaf-fall in the autumn. Luminescent marking also shows where you are, and is reassuring in what would otherwise be a dark and gloomy place.

The ‘Road to the Future’ study by IFSTTAR (the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks) on behalf of ADEME (the French agency for managing the environment and energy), shows that:

  • For a vehicle, LuminoKrom® marking extends night visibility by 50 to 100 meters beyond the 30 meter range of dimmed headlights.
  • For a cyclist, LuminoKrom® paint prolongs visibility to at least 80 meters at the start of the night, and 30 meters at the end of the night, well beyond the 8 meter range of the front light of a bicycle.


LuminoKrom®, the "guiding light" for soft mobility


Many towns now switch off their lighting halfway through the night. LuminoKrom® can take over, by facilitating active mobility for pedestrians, cyclists or scooterists. At night, the slightest obstacle becomes a trap for the traveller. Markings by LuminoKrom® points them out.

Luminescent technology makes it possible to intensify the marking in dangerous places, such as a pedestrian crossing or a restricted speed area, to guide people across the road when the street lights are off.

Luminescent marking on sidewalks, street furniture, roadworks and other obstacles makes it easier for people to get around at night.

Luminescent marking on cycle lane separators, chicanes and roundabouts make them show up better when the street lighting has been turned off. LuminoKrom® paint is also useful for lighting a footpath on jetties and pontoons in marinas, and along river banks, so that people do not fall into the water.

LuminoKrom®, the "guiding light" for mobility on an industrial site



This makes it easier to find your way through unlit sections of an industrial site, or to get about during a power outage.

Luminescent technology can highlight markings in danger zones such as a staircase or an industrial pit.

If a power outage occurs, luminescent marking on the floor and/or walls of a corridor, carpark or basement can be recharged in just a few minutes using artificial lighting. Then it can guide technicians for several hours.

Such a luminescent path along the ground and/or the walls also guides watchmen as they tread their nightly rounds.