Standards for luminance

Regulations for light levels

LuminoKrom® products have been optimised to emit light, well beyond the requirements of French standards NF X08-050-1 and NF X08-050-2.

According to international standard ISO 17398, luminance is classified on a scale rising from A to G. In Europe, the standard requires photoluminescent safety signs to be at level C or above.

All LuminoKrom® products have been rated in compliance with the ISO 17398 international standard. Luminescence is measured over +10 hours, checking intensity at 2, 10 and then 60 minute intervals (after a phase of excitation using a 1,000 lux light), and then the time taken for the light to go out (in minutes).

Levels of luminance from LuminoKrom® products are level E, ensuring visibility for more than 10 hours!