A photoluminescent cycle path in Nancy
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A photoluminescent cycle path in Nancy

11 April 2021

Marquage Luminokrom Nancy

Nancy deploys LuminoKrom luminescent paint on the cycle path along the canal.

Recently, a photoluminescent painting delimits a portion of 300 m of cycle lane, along the canal, near the Nancy marina. A project carried out by Aximum teams. The objective for the Métropole du Grand Nancy is to improve the safety of cyclists at night while limiting light pollution.

Photoluminescent marking has existed since 2018 in Gironde. His test in Nancy had been “in the works for a while. We are facing more and more requests for lighting from municipalities, in which there are too dark traffic areas. However, out of respect for biodiversity, we are always hesitant to put on lighting, which generates light pollution, “points out Laurence Wieser, Grand Nancy advisor responsible for soft mobility. As a bonus, “they are obviously much cheaper than streetlights.”

LuminoKrom photoluminescent road paint, where does it come from?

LuminoKrom is a French innovation driven by the start-up OliKrom. It is the first photoluminescent road paint, developed to make nighttime mobility safer without electricity, without light pollution, without installation disrupting the environment.

LuminoKrom, is the first photoluminescent road paint on the market capable of illuminating for 10 hours at night. This exceptional photoluminescent performance is protected by a patent. This luminescent paint harnesses the renewable energy of solar radiation. It captures light during the day and lights up at night without any consumption of electricity or CO2 emissions.

Luminescent marking, why there?

This section, between the bridge on rue des Tiercelins and rue Charles-III, was therefore chosen because it was considered potentially dangerous: without lighting, and along the canal. “And it is used, there is passage”.

But be careful, “it guides, it does not illuminate! The paint is scheduled to “shine” for ten consecutive hours, insists the elected, who recalls that “every cyclist is supposed to be equipped with lighting”.

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