Luminescence, visibility and safety

Photoluminescent paint, the technological contribution

The need to strengthen visibility - OliKrom©

The need to strengthen visibility – OliKrom©

LuminoKrom® luminous coatings have been designed to meet the challenges of safety and visibility. During the day, the light emitted by the sun makes it possible to see, to locate oneself in space, to navigate, to avoid obstacles, to recognize oneself. At night, everything is dark!

To guide himself in the dark, man first used fire (torches, candles, candelabra, etc.). Then he discovered electricity and invented the electric light bulb.

Today, LuminoKrom® technology makes it possible to create markings in eco-sustainable approach that light up at night without any consumption of electricity. LuminoKrom® luminescent marking can be recharged on rainy days as well as on sunny days or in the undergrowth (Measurements carried out by Gustave Eiffel University as part of the ADEME “I-Street” Program).

LuminoKrom®, “light guide” for cyclist mobility

LuminoKrom light cycle path - OliKrom©

LuminoKrom light cycle path – OliKrom©

For several months, communities have been mobilizing to improve and develop their network of cycle paths and greenways. At the same time, they are keen to reduce their expenses and their impact on the environment by limiting the installation of lighting on cycle facilities. The challenge is then to facilitate the night mobility of users (bicycles, scooters, etc.).

For cycle paths and greenways, the luminescent LuminoKrom® marking acts as a light guide that outlines the path of the track, providing visibility up to 80 m at the start of the night, and 30 m at the end of the night, namely at the end of the night. -beyond the 8 meters of the lighting of a bicycle.

LuminoKrom® is also an alert marking, to signal baffles, intersections or dangerous banks (edge of ditches, canal, etc.), and allow users to anticipate.

Discover here our range of markings adapted to the safety of cycle paths.

LuminoKrom®, "light guide" for pedestrian mobility

LuminoKrom luminous calm zone - OliKrom©

LuminoKrom luminous calm zone – OliKrom©

At night, the slightest obstacle becomes a trap for pedestrian movement, whether in areas without public lighting and / or cities that turn off street lights part of the night. The challenge is then to facilitate the night mobility of users: the LuminoKrom® marking can support it.

Marking sidewalks with LuminoKrom® luminescent paint facilitates the mobility and orientation of pedestrians in the dark, as does the identification of street furniture and / or any obstacle (work area, in particular).

It also makes it possible to intensify the animation markings or to indicate dangerous zones, for example a pedestrian crossing, to indicate to the users where to cross when the street lights are off.

Discover our luminescent marking products for pedestrian mobility here.

LuminoKrom®, the "guiding light" for the road sector

Light marking on the roundabout of Trivy (71)

Light marking on the roundabout of Trivy (71)

In the field of road marking, in non-traffic areas, LuminoKrom® road paint is now deployed to enhance the visibility of singular points, such as roundabouts, baffles, separators, locks, etc. The objective is to help motorists to find their way beyond the light of the headlights and to better anticipate dangers in dark areas. For a vehicle, the photoluminescent marking improves visibility at night by around 50 to 100 meters beyond the 30 meters from the dipped beam headlights (Measurements carried out by Gustave Eiffel University as part of the ADEME “I-Street” Program) . Discover our luminescent urban and road marking products here.

For the road domain on circulated pavements, the certification process is underway. Experiments on circulated roads are being carried out with the agreement of the public authorities * on accident-prone areas such as mountain bends, around roundabouts, donkey rides or even pedestrian crossings. These projects, framed by experimental protocols with CEREMA, will validate and quantify the contribution of LuminoKrom luminescent markings in terms of road safety in areas without public lighting. Are you interested in these applications on the road traffic? Get closer to our teams.

* LuminoKrom Vision + was certified by the Roads and Streets Innovation Committee in 2019

LuminoKrom®, "light guide" for mobility on industrial sites

LuminoKrom® photoluminescent marking can be loaded with both artificial and natural light. This light beacon can therefore be installed both outdoors and indoors, on the ground, on the walls of corridors, parking lots, basements, etc.

LuminoKrom® contributes to a safe supply in the event of a power cut. The use of luminous paint facilitates mobility and safety in the event of a power cut on an industrial site. As soon as the lighting is switched off, the luminescent paint takes over. This luminous beacon is particularly suitable on complex sites, by increasing the visibility of the markings of paths and danger zones, for example a staircase, an industrial pit, etc.

LuminoKrom light beacons - OliKrom©

LuminoKrom light beacons – OliKrom©

Light marking, industrial safety, photoluminescent marking

The performance of LuminoKrom® paint has been optimized. To reassure and enhance safety in the event of an evacuation, the light intensity is high as soon as the lighting is switched off (> 1800 mcd at 2mn – Class E ISO 17398) and visible from a great distance. To simplify the work of intervention teams by providing lasting guidance, even for long interventions, the luminescence duration of the LuminoKrom® marking is more than 10 hours in the dark.

LuminoKrom® also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint on an industrial site. The presence of a “light guide” on the ground and / or wall facilitates the movement of watchmen for the night patrols and allows the lighting to be interrupted in certain areas, with benefits in terms of savings, carbon footprint and fight against light pollution.

Discover here our range of markings adapted to the safety of industrial sites.