Photoluminescent road marking
to secure night mobilities

How does it work?

LuminoKrom® is the only photoluminescent paint on the market with over 3 years of experience with its technology

Since 2018, more than 70 local authorities and infrastructure managers have taken up this innovation. Bicycle paths, pedestrian walkways, locks, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, etc. are equipped with this luminescent marking that lights up night after night, without let-up, with the same intensity always renewed. Its unique and patented process makes it a real asset for tomorrow’s infrastructures: an autonomous, renewable energy, economical and eco-sustainable illuminated signage.

We would like to thank all the local authorities who have placed their trust in us and allowed us to put our scientific skills at the service of collective safety. LuminoKrom® luminescent paint is now deployed throughout France and is beginning to spread internationally (Belgium, Canada, Nigeria, Switzerland, etc.).

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