LuminoKrom®, an OliKrom Inside technology

LuminoKrom® is an innovation developed by OliKrom, a company based in Pessac, France
This innovation has been developed within the R & D department. The products are manufactured in the OliKrom factory in Pessac.

OliKrom customizes smart pigments, and makes paints, inks and master batches.

OliKrom solutions are made from a new generation of patented pigments, that change color according to temperature, light and/or pressure. OliKrom accompanies manufacturers throughout their feasibility study (proof of concept), Research and Development (mid and long-term) and pre-industrial phasing (assistance with validation tests, prototyping etc.). Following these phases, OliKrom produces paints, inks or master batches by the litre, kilo or tonne. Our team of experts is on hand with expert advice, quality control or training, to integrate smart materials into your industry. 

In 2012, OliKrom won the national competition run by the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research

In 2014 OliKrom signed two exclusive licences with the French National Scientific Research Council (CNRS) and the University of Bordeaux (SATT). In 2015, OliKrom received the ‘Bougeons-Nous’ trophy for small companies, organised by RMC/BFM Business in 2015. In 2016, OliKrom was declared a world leader by the GLOBAL SMART MATERIALS INDUSTRY MARKET RESEARCH REPORT. In April 2017,  OliKrom and EIFFAGE signed a strategic agreement for collaboration, to improve safety and visibility at night in accident-prone districts of towns and on the road.

In July 2018, OliKrom‘s technological deployment leapt ahead when we opened a production plant in Pessac (France)