LuminoKrom® for Parking & Basement

Peinture photoluminescente LuminoKrom – OliKrom©

The luminescent marking to secure

Do you want to reinforce the horizontal signage of your parking lots and basements?

We recommend our LuminoKrom® range of luminescent paints. This high performance paint recharges in a few minutes under natural or artificial lighting and ensures a luminosity for more than 10 hours.

The use of photoluminescent marking contributes to reinforce safety in case of power failure and/or fire. As soon as the lighting fades, the luminescent marking takes over. It allows users to find their way in all circumstances.

Discover here our range of marking adapted to horizontal and vertical signage.

LuminoKrom® Almond Green LuminoKrom® White LuminoKrom® Yellow

Fields of use

  • Emergency exits
  • Parking lot and basement markings
  • Stairs marking
  • Beaconing (continuous and discontinuous axial lines)
  • Bidirectional arrows
  • Pictos (pedestrians,…)
  • Obstacle markings (dividers, pits…)
  • Horizontal and vertical signage in interior and exterior
Marquage luminescent LuminoKrom – OliKrom©

The Most

  • Captures light during the day and returns it at night
  • Improves visibility of singular points at night
  • Improves safety and orientation of users
  • Ecosustainable technology without electricity consumption
  • Made in France” production

Guaranteed Performance

  • Excellent duration of luminosity (+ 10h). Highest luminescence on the market, category G (+3000 mcd/m2 at 2 min; +80 mcd/m2 at 1 h)
  • Recharge in a few minutes, even under cover in the forest or in poor conditions (rain, fog, etc.)
  • Strong anti-slip (NF EN1436 standard): SRT > 0.55
  • Good resistance to wear
  • Good resistance to friction and freeze/thaw cycles
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Power outage & Fire

The implementation of a LuminoKrom luminous marking with Luminokrom paint allows to guarantee the visibility of the path to be followed in any circumstances. 

The marking can be realized in the form of pictos on the ground or in the low parts of walls and fittings, in the cages of excaliers,…

Its use improves the guidance of personnel and firefighters in case of fire, as smoke can reduce the visibility of the panels at height.

LuminoKrom ensures the maintenance of a luminous guide even in case of accidental power cuts. The safety of movements can thus be maintained regardless of the reason and duration of the incident (up to +10h) :

♦ Staff exit

♦ Access and location of the premises by the intervention teams (firemen, maintenance)

♦ Maintenance of surveillance operations …

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