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LuminoKrom®, Marquage photoluminescent sur piste cyclable – Pessac (33)

Our range of photoluminescent paint: securing bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways

LuminoKrom® Green Almond paint has been specially designed to equip bicycle paths and pedestrian areas without public lighting or insufficiently lit.

Thanks to its exceptional photoluminescence property of +10h, LuminoKrom® marking allows cyclists and pedestrians to see horizontal signs at night, even in poor conditions (rain, fog). This luminescent marking ensures better orientation of users through the diversity of the facilities.

The application of LuminoKrom® luminescent paint on infrastructure is quick and easy. It can be done by any professional applicator and does not require any specific equipment.

Today, we have acquired more than 4 years of experience in the use of LuminoKrom® photoluminescent road paint on bicycle paths in France.

If you have a luminescent road marking project, do not hesitate to contact our teams.

LuminoKrom® for Bike Area LuminoKrom® for Pedestrian Mobility

Fields of use

  • Greenways, Véloroutes, Cycle tracks.
  • Pedestrian paths, Sidewalks.
  • Pedestrian Areas, Rest Areas.
  • Playgrounds, Educational Spaces.
  • Green spaces, Natural Parks, Protected Areas.
  • All singular points to be secured (eg: bridgeheads, central islets, various structures to be noted).

Types of LuminoKrom® marking depending on the layout:

  • Discontinuous or continuous axial lines
  • Shore lines.
  • STOP signs, Yield-of-Way bands.
  • Pedestrian crossings, animation markings.
  • Bidirectional arrows.
  • Logos (Bike, pedestrian, …).

The Most

  • Collects light during the day and emits it at night
  • Highlights hazards at night
  • Improves safety and wayfinding
  • Eco-sustainable technology with zero power consumptions
  • Made in France

Guaranteed Performance

  • Luminosity that lasts (+10 hours)
  • Colors: Almond Green, White, Yellow
  • Highly skid resistant (Norme NF EN1436): Skid Resistant Test > 0.55
  • Resistant to wear
  • Resistant to freeze/thaw cycles
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Photoluminescent paint: The two main uses ALERTER & GUIDER


Alert on danger zones by marking with photoluminescent paint intersections, accident-prone shorelines, obstacles (baffles, barriers, low walls, etc.).

The marking of danger zones with this photoluminescent paint accentuates their visibility at night, allowing better anticipation by users.

Marquage lumineux sur zone accidentogène – OliKrom©


Guide cyclists and pedestrians in the dark via an axial band or discontinuous edge bands completed with pictograms and / or directional arrows.

At night, the LuminoKrom marking creates a light guide on the ground that allows you to see more than 80 meters and reassure cyclists and pedestrians.

Marquage luminescent LuminoKrom – OliKrom©