Photoluminescent road marking
to make night-time mobility safer

International standard

LuminoKrom, Classes de Luminance – OliKrom©

Regulatory photoluminescence classes

LuminoKrom® is the only photoluminescent paint on the market that has class E luminance levels according to the international standard ISO 17398. This performance allows us to ensure a visibility period of 10 hours in the dark!

The exceptional photoluminescence values of LuminoKrom® paints have been certified by an external body in optical metrology accredited by COFRAC

The use of photoluminescence is governed by the CE ISO 17398 standard. This standard applies to safety colors. It proposes a classification according to the performance and durability of the products, on an increasing scale from A to G according to the level of the measured luminance (intensity and duration).

Be careful ! There are many photoluminescent products on the market with a luminescence duration of 2 to 3 hours (class B / C). Maintaining visibility for road use is in this case extremely limited.

LuminoKrom® is the only patented technology with Class G luminescence performance! Several years of research were necessary. Our expertise in photophysics has enabled us to optimize the photochemical cascade, in particular by limiting all non-radiative deactivation processes.

Luminous painting, Characterization and quality controls

All of our LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paints are produced on our industrial site of OliKrom in Pessac (33) in France.

All of our LuminoKrom® products are characterized by respecting the protocol of ISO 17398 and NFX 08-050-1 standards. The luminescent performance is measured over more than 10 hours, noting the intensities at 2min, 10min, 30min then 60min (after the excitation phase according to a reference lighting of 1000 lux) and the extinction time (in minutes).

We carry out quality controls at all stages of production and characterize each batch before shipment. But our controls do not stop at the factory door, maintaining our paints well and their luminescence over time is also essential.

Since September 2018, we have been carrying out quality readings and luminance measurements on the first runway set up in Pessac. This allows us to ensure that the luminous performance of our class E paints is preserved night after night. And the 30 projects carried out at the end of 2020 throughout France are witnesses to the good maintenance of LuminoKrom paints in real conditions on existing tracks.

Photoluminescent  paint on the market in class

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