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Luminescent paint: our selection of the latest LuminoKrom® creations

27 July 2023
La peinture photoluminescente LuminoKrom® pour sécuriser les déplacements nocturnes

Belgium’s first LuminoKrom® lane for safe night-time travel


After a first historic marking in 2018 on the Pessac cycle path, LuminoKrom® is continuing its development in France and internationally.

Currently, a LuminoKrom® marking is applied in France every 2 days!

Our paint therefore supports cyclists and pedestrians in their night-time mobility throughout France.

A number of projects have been unveiled since the beginning of the year. As part of this vision to improve the cycling experience on our territory, many local authorities and city have chosen LuminoKrom® luminescent marking solutions to accompany and secure soft mobility.

Here’s a selection of some of our most recent outstanding projects.


Marking the Muretain agglomeration cycle lane


Piste cyclable Le Muretain de jour et de nuit

Muretain cycle path marked with LuminoKrom®

To make night-time travel safer on the roman road between Le Fauga station, Lavernose-Lacasse, Saint-Hilaire and Ox, Le Muretain Agglo decided to apply our LuminoKrom® phosphorescent paint.

The marking includes luminous guidance along the edges of a footbridge, as well as axial guidance along the runway. In addition, a zebra marking the bollards at the entrance and exit of the path was covered with our luminescent paint.


Guiding users along a cycle path in Essonne


Piste cyclable photoluminescente de nuit

Luminescent bike path in Essonne to make night-time travel safer

The 3-kilometre-long cycle path between Pussay and Angerville has been upgraded as part of the Essonne region’s cycling plan. To achieve this, the 91 departmental council opted for photoluminescence to make night-time travel safer, and to act as a beacon of light for cyclists as soon as night falls.


Warning of dangers on a greenway in the Landes region of France


Peinture phosphorescent LuminoKrom sur une piste cyclable dans les Landes

Photoluminescent horizontal signage on a cycle path in the Landes region of France

The Communauté de communes Maremme Adour Côte Sud decided to apply LuminoKrom® to one of the greenways in its network. The aim of the project was to mark the bollards at the entrance and exit of the path with zebra-shaped horizontal signs.

These panels can be dangerous for bicycles at night, due to lack of visibility. In this case, phosphorescence is used to warn of possible accidents and protect cyclists.


Protecting soft mobility in Châtelaillon-Plage


Voie verte avec peinture photoluminescente en bord de plage

Greenway at Châtellaillon-Plage with our LuminoKrom® phosphorescent paint

The town council of Châtelaillon-Plage, in the Charente-Maritime department, has decided to apply our paint to the green lane dedicated to soft mobility on the town’s seafront. Close to the Port de Plaisance, pedestrians and cyclists can now travel safely at night, while admiring the maritime landscape.

Yet another application that proves the effectiveness of our paint in a maritime environment, and the resistance of the marking to seawater!


Pointing out natural obstacles on the Canéjan runway


Piste cyclable de Canéjan de nuit avec peinture luminescente LuminoKrom®

Canéjan cycle path by day and night with LuminoKrom® luminescent paint

Canéjan town council has chosen photoluminescent paint to indicate the presence of a tree on the Chemin de Camparian. In order to preserve nature, but also to overcome the lack of visibility following the switch-off of public lighting, this application serves as a warning to cyclists on their night-time rides. The riverbanks have been marked to indicate any obstacles along the way.


Encouraging soft mobility in suburban areas in Belgium


Piste cyclable lumineuse dans la nuit

Beez cycle path in Belgium with LuminoKrom® – © SPW MI – Antoine Poulin

Belgium repeats its experiment with photoluminescent paint after an initial application on the RAVeL near Namur. This time, it’s a portion of the RAVeL in the town of Beez. This initiative by the Service Public de Wallonie aims to develop cycling activity in the region and reassure users after dark.

In suburban areas, visibility on cycle paths is not always very good, especially when there is a lack of light. Thanks to LuminoKrom®, bicycles travel on a path that lights up as soon as night falls.


Developing bicycle mobility between municipalities in Gironde


Piste cyclable d'Arès de jour et de nuit

European cycling route EuroVelo 1 by day and night with our photoluminescent paint

A part of the Vélodyssée (European cycle route EuroVelo 1) has been developed along the Bassin d’Arcachon. The commune of Arès wanted to secure a portion of the cycle path passing through its territory. During the summer months, there is a significant increase in cycling activity, and making night-time travel safer is of prime importance, particularly between the towns of Arès and Andernos.

LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint serves as a guide for holiday cyclists and contributes to the development of bicycle tourism.



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