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Luminescent road markings to support the development of cycling

05 November 2021

How can we make cycling safer, as it is expected to increase by 2030?


Cycling trips are increasing every year

Environmental issues, infrastructure development policies and cycling plans, transport strikes, health crises… Cycling has grown in popularity in recent years. According to the government, cycling has increased by 30% in France since 2019 and, in particular, by 15% in rural areas.

According to a report published by the association of local authorities Vélo et Territoires, cycling has jumped by 28% for all practices combined (excluding periods of confinement) over the whole of 2020!


12% modal share of cycling by 2030

In 2016, our territories and national actors voted in favour of a shared vision of France by bike. The 200 signatories of the “Cycling Territories” declaration committed to developing cycling mobility in order to achieve a 12% modal share of cycling by 2030. This is a real strategic challenge in the face of the environmental problems of our time, and a vector of considerable economic spin-offs with cycle tourism.

In 2021, France had 18,848 km of developed cycle routes. By 2030, the aim is to reach 25,587 km!


Peinture photoluminescente LuminoKrom – OliKrom©


How can we make this extensive cycling area safe and encourage our users to switch to soft mobility with confidence? This is the role that our photoluminescent road marking proposes to play.


Photoluminescent road markings: the ideal solution to reassure users after dark

With a network of cycle routes set to expand and with cycling becoming increasingly popular with users, infrastructure is more than ever an essential element and safety a major issue.

When night falls or if there is no public lighting, the smallest obstacle can be dangerous and certain areas become accident-prone. By marking our cycle routes with photoluminescent paint, we create light guides and warnings throughout the night. Signs, bends, dangerous curbs, crossing areas, intersections, natural obstacles or urban furniture can thus shine and be made visible, making cyclists’ journeys safer.


LuminoKrom®, the most efficient luminescent road marking on the market

LuminoKrom® technology is based on the paint’s ability to capture and store ambient light during the day and release it at night in the form of diffused luminosity, without consuming electricity or emitting CO2.


Peinture photoluminescente LuminoKrom – OliKrom©


LuminoKrom® is the only patented photoluminescent paint on the market with a luminescence performance of more than 10 hours (certified Class G), providing visibility of up to 80 m, even in poor conditions (rain, fog).

Since 2018, more than 70 local authorities and infrastructure managers have taken up this innovation. Bicycle paths, pedestrian walkways, locks, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, etc. are equipped with this luminescent marking which lights up night after night, without interruption, with the same intensity, always renewed.
Its unique and patented process makes it a real asset for tomorrow’s infrastructures: an autonomous, renewable energy, economical and eco-sustainable illuminated signage. It provides sustainable safety for travel at an affordable cost, without civil engineering works, without destroying vegetated sites, without significant maintenance costs, and without adding light pollution in areas outside built-up areas.


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