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What if LuminoKrom® accompanied you on your bike trip?

14 May 2024

Piste cyclable avec LuminoKrom de nuit


Let’s take advantage of the favourable climate for gentle travel during this spring time to get out and about by bike in complete safety.

Imagine yourself on your bike on a mild spring evening. The sun has just set and the moon is shining dimly. Not enough to light your way… But you’re lucky, you’re riding with confidence thanks to the LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint on the path that serves as your guide.

Our luminescent paint is revolutionising the way you travel on cycle paths by providing enhanced visibility, to make cycling safer at night. Whether you’re navigating tight bends, crossing obscure bridges or avoiding unexpected obstacles, LuminoKrom® guides you with its soft but effective glow on the ground.

In this article, we invite you on a journey along a creative cycle path, where together we’ll discover the places and areas where our luminous paint transforms every journey into a safe and enjoyable experience.

Get your bike ready, put on your helmet, and follow us along this luminous path in complete safety.


A luminous journey thanks to phosphorescence


If you’re ready and fully equipped, it’s time to dive into our luminescent journey! Together, let’s discover the 9 reasons why local authorities should deploy luminescent markings on their territory to make mobility safer. From road markings to footbridges, bends and obstacles, every point is illuminated to guide you in complete safety.

Get ready to discover how our phosphorescent paint illuminates every metre of your route, making every line, every intersection and every obstacle as visible as possible and easy for users to anticipate.


Axial marking: the light guide to follow


Marquage axial Luminokrom

Our illuminated trip begins with the discovery of discontinuous axial markings all along the track. This safety feature was chosen in this case by the local authority to help users move around in an area with no public lighting.

The central lines mark out the path for cyclists to follow. They show directions and guide each bike along the path. Every evening, as soon as the sun goes down, these lines become luminous. Thanks to our LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint, these markings remain visible in the dark, like real luminous guides in front of you, reassuring you that the darkness all around you is oppressive.


An example of axial marking in Namur


Marking on the riverbank: limits that must not be crossed


Marquage en rive luminescent piste cyclable

When following the cycle paths, some stretches may run alongside ditches or unmade ground that is potentially dangerous for users. In such cases, the conurbation has chosen LuminoKrom® to create luminescent borders that transform into real, brilliant beacons that guide cyclists in complete safety.

These borders, often invisible in the dark, take on a new dimension thanks to photoluminescence. They define the limits of the runway, preventing run-offs and potential accidents.

Thanks to this soft but persistent glow, cyclists can make out the path even in dim light, navigating easily without fear of getting lost. Illuminated kerbs offer added safety, allowing cyclists to pedal with peace of mind and stay in the right lane.


An example of bank marking in the town of Beez


Pictograms: luminescent floor signage


Marquage et pictogrammes lumineux Luminokrom

As we cycle along, we come across various directional symbolsand pictograms on the ground. It’s often difficult to make out their presence on the ground in the dark. They are often invisible or visible at the last moment.

To make signage easier to read, some local authorities have decided to use LuminoKrom® luminescent markings on pictograms. These symbols become real beacons of light, guiding us on our way. These symbols provide invaluable information for cyclists, indicating directions with arrows, areas reserved for soft mobility or potential hazards ahead.

Their increased visibility helps users to anticipate changes of direction, recognise the areas dedicated to them and steer safely. These illuminated beacons improve communication on the cycle path, turning every journey into a safe and enjoyable experience, where people ride with confidence and in complete safety.


An example of a pictogram on the Pessac runway


Virages: unexpected curves in the spotlight


Virages lumineux sur piste cyclable avec Luminokrom

As we progress along our journey, we are bound to encounter irregularities and obstacles.

The first bend encountered is a sharp one, often revealed at the last moment because of the darkness of the night. This curve in the track can be a source of danger, but with LuminoKrom® paint, bends become safer. LuminoKrom® provides a soft glow, revealing the contours of the bend so cyclists can navigate with confidence.

The increased visibility provided by LuminoKrom® turns bend markings into obvious landmarks, making cyclists aware of the direction and inclination of the bend. By illuminating the edges, our photoluminescent paint helps cyclists to correctly assess the angle of the bend and adapt their speed accordingly.


An example of a project in La Roche-sur-Yon with illuminated bends


Chicanes: winding roads illuminated


Aménagement chicane Luminokrom

After a sharp bend, we come across another obstacle on our way: a chicane. On our route, these chicanes appear as silent safety alerts. These strategically placed zigzags force us to slow down, controlling our speed to better manage potentially dangerous areas.

However, in the dark, these chicanes can easily go unnoticed, putting us off if we’re not careful. That’s where LuminoKrom® paint comes in. Thanks to its luminescence, it illuminates every bend in the chicanes, making obstacles visible from a distance. Cyclists can anticipate necessary changes of direction or narrowing of the road, avoiding surprises and accidents.


An example of a luminescent chicane in Argelès-sur-Mer


Obstacles: undesirable road users now visible


Aménagement obstacle dangereux Luminokrom

On any cycle path or greenway, unexpected obstacles can crop up and take users by surprise. Whether it’s a post, a bollard or a natural obstacle, these undesirable road features can turn a pleasant journey into a source of stress. But thanks to LuminoKrom® paint, these previously hidden obstacles become clearly identifiable luminescent beacons.

LuminoKrom® paint marks obstacles with significant luminescence, reducing the risk of unexpected collisions. With its luminescent properties, it illuminates even the smallest obstacles, highlighting any poles, ledges or potential hazards. Cyclists can then adapt their trajectory in advance, avoiding any unpleasant surprises.


An example of an obstacle reported using photoluminescence in the Landes region of France


Stops and intersections: illuminated crossings


Intersection luminescente grâce à LuminoKrom

Our cycle route is not necessarily linear, and it is possible for us to encounter intersections or junctions. On a cycle route, intersections are critical meeting points where cyclists and other road users cross paths. These junctions can be tricky to cross, especially at night when visibility is reduced. But thanks to LuminoKrom®, stops and intersections are transformed into illuminated crossings.

LuminoKrom® paint offers enhanced safety by clearly marking stop lines and stop zones with a diffused glow. It encourages cyclists to stop in the right places and make careful decisions about their route. Crossing lights with LuminoKrom® significantly reduce the risk of collisions by helping cyclists to identify intersections earlier and navigate safely.


An example of a luminescent intersection in Carcans


Footbridges: illuminated sky bridges


Passerelle lumineuse dans la nuit

Unlike obstacles or intersections, certain events along the way can be pleasant, even magical. Passing over bridges or footbridges can be a real night-time adventure.

At first glance, crossings can seem intimidating, especially when darkness obscures the edges and ramps. However, with LuminoKrom® paint, these bridges are transformed into illuminated walkways, guiding cyclists along an illuminated path. The paint illuminates the contours of the bridge, clearly indicating the limits and ensuring safe navigation.


An example of an illuminated footbridge in Ruelle-sur-Touvre


Tunnels: dazzling underground crossings


passage souterrain lumineux dans la nuit

To finish our journey on two wheels, we often have to go through an underground tunnel. When entering a tunnel, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little apprehensive. The darkness is often deeper, and the structure itself can create shadowy areas, making navigation tricky. But thanks to photoluminescence, LuminoKrom® turns these potentially frightening passages into dazzling crossings.

Luminescent paint can illuminate walls and floors, lighting the way for cyclists as they valiantly make their way through the tunnel. Edges, ramps and floor markings glow softly but powerfully enough to guide the way.

Thanks to LuminoKrom®, cyclists can pedal through these structures with complete confidence, navigating easily along the luminous path.


9 reasons to deploy luminescent markings on your territory


If you take a look at these different use cases, you’ll see the different places and situations where photoluminescence is needed. Each of you may feel the need to deploy our photoluminescent paint to create your own cycling territory and bring the night to life.

It’s clear that LuminoKrom® paint transforms every element into a safe, illuminated experience. From central pavement markings to winding bends, every detail is carefully illuminated to provide enhanced visibility for cyclists. Kerbs, pictograms and obstacles glow in the dark, marking the way with a soft but effective light. Stops, intersections and footbridges reveal themselves clearly under luminescent light, guiding cyclists safely through hazardous areas. Even bridges and tunnels, often intimidating, become brilliant crossings, where every curve is visible.


Peinture phosphorescente sur route Luminokrom


LuminoKrom® is not just a road paint, it’s a real guide and accompaniment for cyclists. It helps create safer cycle paths, reducing the risk of collisions and accidents. Every cyclist deserves a safe ride, and LuminoKrom® is committed to providing the visibility needed to achieve that goal.

Support innovation and safety on our cycle paths! If you are a local authority or conurbation, use LuminoKrom® to develop your cycle paths. Together, we can make every cycle journey safer, brighter and more enjoyable for everyone.

Contact our experts today to discuss your project and find out how LuminoKrom® can illuminate your cycle paths and improve the safety of your cycling area.


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