LuminoKrom® at the Atlantica outdoor hotel trade fair
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LuminoKrom® at Atlantica, the French trade show for the outdoor hospitality industry

20 October 2023

LuminoKrom® had the pleasure of taking part in the latest edition of the Atlantica trade show, which was held in Niort, France, from 8 to 10 October 2023. Here’s a look back at three days of sharing and exchange.


Stand Luminokrom au salon Atlantica 2023


Atlantica, the first trade show dedicated to the outdoor hotel industry


Communiqué de presse Salon Atlantica

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The Atlantica trade show is a professional event dedicated to the outdoor hotel industry in France. Its main concept is to bring together the key players in the camping, outdoor accommodation and outdoor tourism industries.


It provides a platform for professionals to showcase their products and services, exchange ideas, discuss industry trends and develop their professional network. Exhibitors typically include companies providing equipment, services, technologies and solutions for campsites, leisure parks and outdoor accommodation.


Present our illuminated beaconing solution in the hotel sector

The Atlantica trade show gives visitors the chance to discover the latest innovations in the outdoor hospitality sector, take part in themed conferences and workshops, and meet industry experts.

It was an opportunity for us to present our photoluminescent paint to visitors and showcase the benefits of our signage in the tourist industry. In a constantly evolving industry, it’s important to find new technologies that can help infrastructures evolve and improve the daily lives of users.


Photoluminescence technology to improve tourist facilities


Illuminated signage in the outdoor hospitality sector offers a number of important advantages for campsites and outdoor accommodation establishments.


Balisage lumineux Luminokrom pour piétons


Pedestrian safety

Our photoluminescent paint helps to improve safety by clearly indicating paths and stairways for pedestrians, as well as emergency exits and risk areas in the absence of light.

Our markings help prevent accidents and facilitate evacuation in emergencies or simply in the absence of artificial lighting.



Our signage solution helps customers find their way around a campsite or leisure park more easily, enabling them to find their campsite pitch, toilet facilities, play areas and other facilities.

It also makes it easier for guests to find their way around the campsite or leisure park after sunset, which can improve their overall experience.


Safety of soft mobility

At campsites that allow soft mobility (bicycles, scooters or other two-wheelers), appropriate lighting can help avoid collisions and maintain safety on the campsite’s internal greenways.


Environmental protection

Using photoluminescent paint instead of artificial lighting reduces the environmental footprint and can be seen as a commitment to sustainable development. Our technology requires no electricity consumption, as it recharges indefinitely in daylight or artificial lighting without tiring.

More energy-efficient, LuminoKrom® reduces energy costs while still providing a light source.


Peinture phosphorescente pour visibilité piétons de nuit


Our luminescent paint, used in the outdoor hospitality industry, offers significant benefits in terms of safety, wayfinding and energy efficiency. It helps to improve the overall customer experience and maintain a safe and welcoming environment at campsites and outdoor accommodation establishments.


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