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LuminoKrom® video // Road Safety Innovation Prize 2020 26 March 2020

Discover the luminescent LuminoKrom marking video // Road Safety Innovation Prize 2020

LuminoKrom photoluminescent marking – OliKrom©The LuminoKrom® Vision + innovation highlighted in the “Improving road and vehicle safety” category

The Road Safety innovation competition is organized each year to highlight virtuous initiatives in road safety carried out by entrepreneurs.

LuminoKrom® Vision + is a breakthrough innovation developed by OliKrom in partnership with Eiffage Route. It is a photoluminescent road marking.

This road paint is naturally charged in the sun and / or in the presence of an artificial light source (interior lighting, car headlight, etc.) and lights up at night, forming a “light guide” for more than 10 hours to secure mobility.

The LuminoKrom Vision + marking already equips many cycle paths and greenways without public lighting. The LuminoKrom marking lights up without electricity and without C02 emission. By emitting 100 times less than electric lighting, it is also an ecological alternative and an asset to fight effectively against light pollution. This innovation was supported within the framework of the I-Street project, winner of the Investissements d’Avenir (PIA) program piloted by ADEME.

LuminoKrom® Vision + has also just been distinguished by the Roads and Streets Innovation Committee, which now makes it possible to experiment on the roads to secure areas prone to accidents, pending the obtaining of the NF road certification expected for the current 2020.

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