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Brest Lambézellec, photoluminescent marking to secure soft mobility

Brest. In Lambézellec, luminescent paint to secure pedestrians and bicycles

LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint is deployed in Lambézellec by the metropolis of Brest in the Lambézellec district. The lanes reserved for cyclists and pedestrians are drawn with paint that shines at night.

How to better ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists at night? Perhaps by giving more visibility to the lanes reserved for them. It is in this sense that this realization is carried out. Luminescent paint, which shines after dark, has been used to materialize the cycle and pedestrian paths, as the elected Yohann Nédélec, vice-president of the city in charge of Mobility’s, reports on Facebook.

Luminescent marking – Site information:

Contracting authority: Brest metropolis

Site of the work: Lambézellec district

Nature of the work: Reinforcement of night visibility for cyclists and pedestrians with the LuminoKrom photoluminescent marking

Applicator: Brest metropolis

Date of completion of the LuminoKrom marking: March 2021

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