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Brest. Photoluminescent Brewery Viaduct with LuminoKrom marking

Brest, luminescent paint on the Brasserie viaduct to secure night mobility

LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint is deployed on the Brasserie viaduct by the metropolis of Brest to secure the movements of cyclists and pedestrians at night. The objective for the metropolis of Brest is twofold: to secure this space and respect biodiversity by limiting light pollution.

LuminoKrom® photoluminescent road paint captures light during the day and lights up at night without consuming electricity or emitting CO2. Its deployment on infrastructure is quick and easy.

Luminescent marking – Site information:

Contracting authority: Brest metropolis

Site of the work: Viaduct of the brewery, Brest

Nature of the work: Reinforcement of night visibility for cyclists and pedestrians with the LuminoKrom photoluminescent marking

Applicator: Brest metropolis

Date of completion of the LuminoKrom marking: March 2021

LuminoKrom Brest photoluminescent pedestrian path - OliKrom©

LuminoKrom Brest photoluminescent pedestrian path – OliKrom©

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