Niteró in Brazil, LuminoKrom® photoluminescent marking
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Niterói in Brazil, LuminoKrom® photoluminescent marking on a cycle path in the city

Our LuminoKrom® road markings have just been applied for the first time in Brazil, in the city of Niterói.


The application of phosphorescent road paint in Brazil is a decisive step towards improving road safety in the country. It is helping to reduce accidents on cycle paths and in areas dedicated to soft mobility.

This innovation improves visibility on roads at night, considerably reducing traffic accidents and helping to make cycling safer for both cyclists and pedestrians. At night, the phosphorescent markings emit a soft, soothing glow, making road markings, dividing lines and road signs easier to see.


Client: CARF Ambiental

Type of project: Marking on the ground of a cycle path – continuous lines and pictograms

Location: Itaipu district in the city of Niterói

Applicator: Project management

Date of LuminoKrom® marking: October 2023

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