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Photoluminescent marking, Parking Center Commercial Courier Annecy (74)

The parking lot of the Courier Shopping Center in Annecy (74) equipped with LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint

LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint is deployed at the Annecy Courier shopping center to secure the car park in the event of a power cut. The Proximark – Groupe Hélios de Haute-Savoie teams have carried out the marking of 26 logos and pictograms to visualize the pedestrian path.

LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paints can be used to improve safety and circulation in industrial spaces, or other private places with poorly lit pedestrian or vehicle traffic: car parks, basements, access ramps, circulation spaces of material between buildings, parking lot marking, etc. The LuminoKrom® coating is recharged naturally with any type of lighting (sun, artificial light, etc.) in a few minutes. Then the paint has the ability to glow in the dark for more than 10 hours.

Feedback on the contribution of LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint, word of applicator

“Here is a new LuminoKrom project carried out by the Proximark – Groupe Hélios de Haute-Savoie teams. This morning, our applicators created 26 logos in a car park at the Center Courier Annecy. LuminoKrom is a phosphorescent paint that can be applied both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, it ensures the visibility of pedestrian paths and emergency exits in the dark “Proximark – Road signs (LinkedIn, 2019)

Luminescent marking – Site information:

Contracting authority: Courier shopping center in Annecy

Site of the work: Annecy Courier shopping center, 74000 Annecy, France

Nature of the work: Realization of the LuminoKrom marking of 26 logos in a car park at the Center Courier Annecy

Applicator: Proximark – Hélios Group

Date of completion of the LuminoKrom marking: December 2019

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