Terra Botanica, LuminoKrom® photoluminescent marking
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Terra Botanica, LuminoKrom® photoluminescent marking

LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint deposited at Terra Botanica Park in Angers.


Our LuminoKrom® technology was chosen by Terra Botanica Theme Park to liven up their Terra Nocta night show. In perfect harmony with the light show and sound, our phosphorescent painting mixes and highlights all the biodiversity of the park plunged into darkness at night.


Client: Communauté d’Agglomération de la Rochelle

Type of project: Terra Nocta night show, an artistic creation in the form of an immersive painting “lit up”.

Location: Terra Botanica amusement park in Angers, Europe’s first plant park

Creation: Atelier Jean Grégoire

LuminoKrom® marking date: July 2022

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