Belgium's second secure green lane with LuminoKrom®
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Second safe greenway in Belgium with LuminoKrom® marking

22 June 2023

After an early marking project in Namur, our photoluminescent paint was applied to a green lane on the RAVeL (Réseau Autonome des Voies Lentes) in the Belgian town of Beez, to make cycling safer. When night falls, the markings light up to guide users along the path.


Application du marquage LuminoKrom à Beez en Belgique

Application of LuminoKrom® paint on the RAVeL in Beez, Belgium


LuminoKrom® is back in Belgium after an initial success

The first Belgian project is located on a small section of RAVeL 142, which connects Namur to Jodoigne. In 2020, the Walloon Public Service decided to upgrade this cycle path to ensure the safety of users at night. Photoluminescent paint was chosen to act as a light guide in the dark.

Piste cyclable de Namur en Belgique

LuminoKrom® mark on RAVeL 142 in Namur, Belgium

This project, which was originally experimental in Belgium, seems to be proving successful and satisfying users, as local public services have decided to repeat the experiment this year.

After the first trial on the Namur runway a few years ago, the Walloon administration is renewing its confidence in our LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint. Marking was carried out by ETS Lambert Marquage, already involved in the Namur runway in 2020.


Improving night-time safety on bicycle paths

The aim of this operation is to support and guide users of the RAVeL. The Réseau Autonome des Voies Vertes includes all the greenways and paths laid out for soft mobility on towpaths and former railway lines. They are accessible to pedestrians, cyclists and all other users of alternative means of transport.

Our luminescent markings provide a visual guide for night-time users.


Piste cyclable du RAVeL de Beez de jour et de nuit

The Beez RAVeL cycle path by day and night with LuminoKrom®


In 2023, LuminoKrom® marks a second cycling zone in the Walloon region. It is also set to continue its development over the coming months, as the number of cycle paths and greenways increases throughout Europe.


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