The use of LuminoKrom® improves road safety in Burundi
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The use of LuminoKrom® improves road safety in Burundi

21 February 2023

The deployment of LuminoKrom® internationally

LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint has been used to secure more than 100 greenways or bicycle paths in 2022 throughout France. The technology has also been used outside France: Belgium, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Qatar, Senegal, Switzerland, Thailand… The applications are numerous and sometimes surprising!

Burundi experience: LuminoKrom® secures an unlit road

The international airport and the city of Bujumbura are linked by the RN5, a road with little or no lighting and a central median separating the two traffic lanes. The many motorcyclists using this road tended not to see the median, which caused many accidents. LuminoKrom® paint was applied to the median and then used to create traffic arrows.

A solution that allows vehicles to more easily identify the crossing areas and considerably reduces the number of accidents on this busy road.

LuminoKrom au Burundi

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