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Our phosphorescent paint can make the road glow at night!

02 October 2023

Notre peinture phosphorescente sur route


LuminoKrom® glow in the dark paint is a landmark innovation in road safety and signage. This luminous paint, developed to increase night-time visibility, absorbs daylight and restores it at night, providing long-lasting luminosity in the dark for more than 10 hours.

The photoluminescence phenomenon used in our products makes it possible to clearly mark traffic lanes, pedestrian crossings, cycle paths and all other important signage elements without relying exclusively on artificial lighting.


Our French start-up has developed an interesting idea: a phosphorescent paint that can glow in the dark and can light the road


Our company OliKrom, created by Jean François Létard almost 10 years ago, is behind this innovation. Based in France, our company specialises in intelligent pigments that react to heat, shock and chemicals. Our expertise in color-changing pigments has been put to good use in developing and producing our phosphorescent road paints.

The innovation lies in the fact that we have developed photoluminescent markings (green, yellow or white) that are highly resistant outdoors and can store the surrounding light energy to emit a diffuse green luminosity in the dark, visible for more than 10 hours.

Our patented innovation was developed directly by OliKrom’s R&D department. Its production is Made in France, at the heart of our production plant. Several years of research and collaboration with the Eiffage Group were necessary to obtain a paint that is suitable for road use, combining coverage, colourimetry and chemical stability with optimum light performance in terms of intensity and duration.


Olikrom et son usine de production


Innovative produts made in France by OliKrom

Thanks to its expertise in science and chemistry, OliKrom has developed a whole series of specialised color-change pigments for industrial and territorial use. The initial research began more than 15 years ago, when Jean François Létard was still working as a researcher at the French CNRS. Examples include different colors paints and coatings capable of changing color in the presence of a solvent (blue, orange, yellow or green colors).

Our company has also developed heat-sensitive coatings for the French aerospace group Safran. We’re talking about coatings that can map the temperatures of each component of an engine in operation! The giant Airbus has also recently ordered a piezochromic paint that can identify the area of impact on an aircraft’s bodywork, which could make routine inspections more effective.


LuminoKrom®, the first product created and produced industrially

OliKrom created and developed in its plant its first product few years ago : LuminoKrom®, the luminous paint that can glow in the dark.

Our innovative product line is designed to illuminate your world with vibrant and luminous colors, bringing the magic of glow in the dark capabilities into a variety of applications. At the heart of our range lies our premium phosphorescent paint, available in three luminous shades: green, yellow, and white to match perfectly with your project and respect the rules of the environment. Each paint product is formulated to offer a bright, long-lasting glow, ensuring that your projects remain visible and vibrant in the darkest conditions.


Our green paint is especially sought after for its intense brightness and enduring glow (more than 10 hours), making it perfect for safety markings, greenways and signage in both private and public spaces. The yellow paints can be easily use in industrial environnement. The white paint, meanwhile, offers a subtle luminosity, ideal for creating soft signage and inviting environments that transition beautifully from day to night.


The 3 colors of our phosphorescent paint

Our 3 different colors available for our glow in the dark paint (white, yellow and, green)


The glow in the dark feature of our paint products is not just about aesthetics; it’s a functional choice for enhancing visibility and safety in low-light conditions. Whether applied to walls, floors, or objects, our luminous paints absorb light during the day and release a captivating glow as darkness falls, creating environments that are both functional and enchanting.


Each product in our line is the result of extensive research and innovation, ensuring that the paint not only glows brightly but also applies smoothly and lasts long. Our luminous paints are suitable for a wide range of surfaces and settings, from interior design projects to outdoor installations, where their glow in the dark properties can truly shine.


Incorporating our bright, glow in the dark paints into your project is not just an investment in aesthetics but also in quality and innovation. Whether you choose the green, the yellow, or the white, each paint product promises to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences with their luminous qualities. Discover the potential of our glow in the dark paint range to bring luminosity and life to any project.



Glow in the dark road paint: more than encouraging applications


5 years’ experience and almost 350 luminous projects worldwide



Our phosphorescent paint has already been tested in real-life conditions on a number of cycle paths and greenways, and should have a bright future ahead of it!

The first application on a cycle path was carried out in 2018 in south-west France. It involved a two-kilometre-long signposting system running through an area of undergrowth. The cycle path dedicated to cyclists and other forms of soft mobility in a town near to Bordeaux is now equipped with our phosphorescent green paint containing special pigments that absorb sunlight during the day and then release it more effectively in the dark.

With almost 5 years’ experience since this initial trial, we can confirm that our glow in the dark paints are daily guides to night-time travel, illuminating roads with a diffuse glow for more than 10 hours.


Making soft mobility safer in the dark on a daily basis


From the outset, LuminoKrom® glow in the dark paint has contributed to the emergence of tomorrow’s infrastructure, which must be safer, more economical and more environmentally responsible.

Our luminous road markings exploit the natural phenomenon of photoluminescence. This physical process allows the paint to recharge indefinitely under daylight or artificial lighting without tiring. In short, the technological power of glow in the dark paint is essentially based on the development and use of a special intelligent pigment capable of absorbing, storing and releasing stored energy. This ability of a pigment to ‘charge’ the paint in daylight so that it emits a visible glow in the dark is at the heart of its innovation and effectiveness as a photoluminescent road marking solution.

The use of our glow in the dark paint on roads is part of an eco-responsible approach, reducing energy consumption while improving user safety on cycle paths and greenways. Its unique composition guarantees strong adhesion to the ground as well as remarkable resistance to various weather conditions and repeated vehicle traffic, ensuring greater longevity and effectiveness than traditional road paints.


Generally speaking, it has a wide range of applications, from urban areas to industrial sites, tourist infrastructures and parks. By naturally illuminating pathways, LuminoKrom® contributes not only to accident prevention but also to the night-time enhancement of spaces, creating innovative and safe night-time landscapes. Its implementation is a step towards integrating sustainable, technological solutions for improving public infrastructure.

Our innovation has been approved by ADEME’s “Road of the Future” programme.


Luminescent paint, soon to be used on roads!


Our luminescent paint, created and manufactured locally, is now in the process of being certified in France for use on roads. It could be used to mark any obstacle or hazard that a car or motorbike may encounter directly on the road.

It could be used to light up dangerous bends, pedestrian crossings, motorway slip roads, speed bumps and bus stops. This could be a considerable asset in rural or suburban areas where effective lighting is not always available.


Road trials pending French road certification

Peinture route Saint Pandelon nuit

In October 2021, our green-color phosphorescent markings product was introduced on the RD29 at Saint-Pandélon, in the French Landes region. The event marks a significant step forward in road safety thanks to the application of our glow in the dark paint. This pilot project, carried out in partnership with Eiffage and under the supervision of the Landes Departmental Council, aims to improve safety on a particularly accident-prone stretch of road.

The section chosen, 450 metres long, is known for its sharp bends and lack of street lighting, so light, factors that contribute to a high accident rate. In this particular interurban environment, the objective is clear: to increase night-time visibility for car and motorbike users without resorting to artificial lighting, thus offering a sustainable and effective solution.


The product was applied to the outer strips of the track. Thanks to our innovative technology, the markings become phosphorescent in the lack of light situation thanks to the bright of the day in stock, which is restored when it is dark. This feature is particularly valuable in areas such as Saint-Pandélon, where darkness accentuates road-related risks for cars and motorbikes.


This deployment of our phosphorescent marking on the RD29 is a three-year trial. Its potential success could pave the way for wider applications, not only in the French département but also across all the territory. Officially, our product would be seen as an effective method of increasing visibility in traffic areas without street lighting because no requires in artificial light to be seen. The initiative illustrates the commitment of local authorities and other partners to incorporating innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions (compare to street lamps)  to meet the challenges of territorial development and visibility on the roads.


Numerous advantages on the roads of France and abroad


Our glow in the dark paint provides multiple benefits for both road infrastructure and motorists and motorcyclists, significantly improving safety and the night-time driving experience. Here are the main benefits:


  • Improved night-time visibility thanks to the glow in the dark paint: By absorbing luminous energy during the day and releasing it in the dark, our photoluminescent product makes road markings visible for up to ten hours in the dark. This helps drivers and motorcyclists to better discern the limits of the road, pedestrian crossings and other important signs, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Reduced dependence on artificial lighting: Thanks to its ability to emit light with no requires in power source, our glow in the dark paint takes over from public lighting, which can contribute to a significant reduction in light pollution and energy consumption in towns and cities. For example, the use of our green glow in the dark paint on a pathway can allow users to seen our way in the dark. Compare to the bright of street lamp, our paints only light up the road and not all the environment.
  • Increased safety in poorly lit areas: In areas where lighting is inadequate or non-existent, our phosphorescent markings ensure better road perception, which is crucial for motorcyclists and two-wheelers who are particularly vulnerable in these conditions.
  • Durability and resistance: Its specific formulation ensures high resistance to vehicle traffic and bad weather, guaranteeing the longevity of road markings. This helps to maintain clear, durable signage, reducing the need for frequent reinstatement.
  • More intuitive driving: Phosphorescent markings give drivers more intuitive guidance in difficult or poor driving conditions, such as rain or fog, by highlighting critical road features.
  • Supporting safe driving behaviour: By making transition zones more visible, such as the entrances and exits of roundabouts or dangerous intersections, our phosphorescent products encourage motorists and motorcyclists to adapt their driving and therefore adopt safer driving behaviour.
  • Contribution to urban aesthetics: As well as its safety features, paint also offers aesthetic value, transforming night-time journeys into attractive visual experiences, which can improve the general well-being of motorway users.


In short, our phosphorescent marking is an innovative solution that makes a significant contribution to safety, energy efficiency and improving the night-time driving experience for motorists and motorcyclists, while adding an aesthetic and ecological dimension to road infrastructure.


They’re talking about us : Journal du CNRSFutura Sciences


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