LuminoKrom luminous paint and Road Safety
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VIDEO – LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint for road safety.

17 April 2021

VIDEO LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint secures night mobility

With LuminoKrom, the marking lights up and remains visible day and night!

LuminoKrom is a photoluminescent paint that captures light during the day and creates a light guide at night, without any consumption of electricity or CO2 emissions. Simple to deploy, this luminescent marking is of very high performance, with visibility of more than 10 hours in the dark. This Made In France technology is protected by a patent.

LuminoKrom® innovation lies in having developed photoluminescent markings that are very resistant outdoors and capable of storing the surrounding light to emit a diffuse luminosity at night, visible for more than 10 hours. This innovation was developed within the R&D department of OliKrom. Several years of research and collaboration with the Eiffage Group were necessary to obtain a paint conforming to road use, combining coverage, colorimetry and chemical stability with optimal luminous performance in terms of intensity and duration. The challenge of creating these markings is to contribute to the emergence of tomorrow’s infrastructures which must be safer, more economical and more eco-responsible.

LuminoKrom® photoluminescent markings are now widely deployed in France to secure cycling facilities and pedestrian paths. In 2020, LuminoKrom® markings began to seduce beyond our borders, notably with the first projects in Belgium.

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